How remodeling the bathroom can make the bathroom look fascinating

Bath exhibition for Holzkirchen & the surrounding area

Collect ideas and inspiration for your bathroom renovation

New ideas in our bathroom exhibition

If you are toying with the idea of ​​completely or partially renewing your bathroom, you certainly have a few pictures in mind - but probably no concrete ideas, let alone specific products. Thanks to technical finesse and the variety of designs offered by many manufacturers, almost anything is possible when it comes to bathroom design. A visit to our bathroom exhibition near Holzkirchen, in Bruckmühl, is ideal for choosing the right options from the abundance of possibilities. Here you can discover new bathroom trends and individual furnishing styles up close. Let yourself be inspired and get an idea of ​​what your new bathroom could look like. . Regardless of whether you are tired of the design of your old bathroom and would like to redesign it to suit your taste or whether the previous bathroom elements are simply no longer fully functional and need to be replaced: We will help you find the right solution. The desire for a barrier-free bathroom with maximum freedom of movement can also be a reason for a full or partial renovation. If you are still having difficulties getting a concrete picture of your new bathroom, it is also worthwhile to browse through our BADmagazin. A freestanding bathtub can look very elegant in a spacious bathroom - especially if attention is paid to striking colors or at least colored accents.

A breath of fresh air for your bathroom

Large tiles make the bathroom appear calmer, while small tiles with motifs create a more playful impression. Depending on your taste and requirements, we have suitable design ideas for you. A light-flooded room that optimally captures the daylight? A more spacious room layout, even in smaller and narrow bathrooms? Or would you like to put the factors comfort and safety in the foreground and would you like a cross-generational barrier-free bathroom with warm colors and a wellness ambience? A shower that sprays, massages and sprays light at the same time? We design your bathroom to suit you and your design requirements or renovate it according to your wishes with modern or classic elements. Just talk to us and let us advise you or visit our bathroom exhibition near Holzkirchen. Here you can not only look at the materials in question, but convince yourself of the quality first hand. It is also helpful to see colors directly and without a PC screen or magazine print in order to assess exactly how they look. We will be happy to clarify initial questions during your visit - and then move on to planning. When you are completely satisfied, we start with the actual renovation. We at Ellmaier - DIE BADGESTALTER look forward to your visit!

Further inspiration besides the bathroom exhibition

Our bathroom exhibition in Bruckmühl near Holzkirchen is one of countless ways in which you can determine your requirements for your new bathroom. You are sure to find what you are looking for in our regularly published BADmagazin, which contains the latest trends in the sanitary sector and which you can order on our website. Of course, you can also find lots of bathroom inspirations on the Internet, for example on the pages of furniture stores or picture galleries in social networks. Another possibility is to look around at friends and family in the immediate vicinity. Where have you seen a bathroom that immediately captivated you? Which elements or design ideas did you particularly like? Did you even take a picture of it? For example, hotels can provide inspiration when traveling, bathrooms of friends or bathrooms from films. You can find suitable ideas almost everywhere. With the first ideas in mind, the dream bathroom can be planned much more easily. Just get in contact with us and let us start with the specific bathroom planning.

Reliable, precise planning and implementation with Ellmaier - DIE BADGESTALTER

In the best case scenario, you have a bullet point list with ideas for your new bathroom or have even made your first sketches - don't worry, they don't have to be professional. But such visualizations help our bathroom designers to assess how you imagine your bathroom. On this basis, and also after visiting our bathroom exhibition not far from Holzkirchen, we can discuss initial planning approaches. Of course, we take a close look at your bathroom or its floor plan and create a plan of how your wishes can best be implemented. We, THE BATHROOM DESIGNERS, guarantee that you will only receive your new bathroom with the best quality products, that the workmanship will convince you and that you will receive comprehensive and comprehensive advice from start to finish. Of course, we ensure that the deadline and budget are strictly adhered to. You can find out in advance what costs you can expect when building a complete bathroom using our complete bathroom calculator. Our quality and service promise is aimed equally at you and ourselves. It is not for nothing that we have been successful in the Holzkirchen region for years and have already equipped numerous customers with new dream bathrooms.