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30. Point of Law No. 3308, amended by 4702 no law says: Profession chambers must a master's certificate by members who register as the owner of the company.
30th item of the 3308 no Law, changed with 4702 no Law says: 'Vocation Chambers must get a MASTER CERTIFICATE from the members who will enroll as the owner of the company.

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1971 Master's Certificate and commercial photography studio.
If you don't Master Certificate, one written contract for your company to open license or Master's Certificate will be completed and signed.
Master certificate of the Institute for Systemic Consulting Wiesloch
With the as "Master's Certificate"The TÜV certificate issued, Oerlikon Solar can offer all customers of the end-to-end production facility a shorter time to market.
Issued as a Master Certificate, it allows Oerlikon Solar to offer all end-to-end production line customers a reduced time-to-market.
With the GloboFleet Transfer and the GloboFleet Master certificate you can transfer data to another location in encrypted form.
Using the GloboFleet transfer and GloboFleet master certificate You are able to transfer the encoded data to another facility.
They are usually with a master or one certificate completed.
Our range of courses: Bachelor. master. Certificates. Further education.
GOS-Admin: Improvement: It is now possible at any time via master a Certificate of a To update the sensors.
Sniffer Certified master is this certificate the highest level in the program.
Diplomas and Certificates Master en Coaching y liderazgo personal.
The technician employed is a level 3 technician with master DCSEcertificate.
This is a distance learning course in English that starts with a master or certificate from the Bauhaus University Weimar.
It is an English long-distance study program, completed by a master or a Certificate degree of the Bauhaus University Weimar.
More than 6,000 executives and professionals take part in our executive every year master Programs, Certificate- and tailor-made company programs.
Over 6,000 executives and professionals take part each year in our Executive master Programs, certified programs and customized corporate programs.
The individual certificates are dealt with in the following chapters: SSL connection certificates database Certificates Master Key Certificates Discovery Service Certificates Password Reset Certificates Calling up the certificate management There are two ways to open the certificate management.
The individual certificates are described in the following sections: SSL connection certificates database certificates master Key certificates Discovery service certificates Password Reset certificates Calling up the certificate manager There are two ways to open the certificate manager.
It is one of the leading providers of safety technology and electronic components for automation technology with AS-Interface.Bihl + Wiedemann is the first company to use its AS-i master a certificate from AS-International.
It is among the leading providers of safety technology and electronic components for automation technology with AS-Interface. In 1995, Bihl + Wiedemann was the first company to receive a certificate from AS-International for its AS-i master.
Coach trainer, master-NLP trainer-certificate, Senior Mentor Anthony Robbins - Writer
The course is part-time and can be carried out as a Bachelor, master, academic certificate or a doctorate. Daimler supports the course financially and with an accompanying program.
The courses are taken on a part-time basis and can lead to a Bachelor's or Master's degree, academic certificate or doctorate. Daimler assists the studies financially and provides a structured support program.
Students studying at one of the partner universities receive the international certificate "master Européen en Sciences du Travail (MEST) ".
Students studying at one of the partner universities obtain an international certification in the master Européen en Sciences du Travail (MEST).
In order for the backup server to use the Certificates from master can read, the authorization must be adjusted manually.
This has to be done manually to make sure, the backup server can read the certificate from the master.
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