How can I enter Mexico

Entry requirements for Mexico

Before you leave for Mexico, make sure you have one valid passport have. This should last at least until the end of your stay, but better still valid for more than six months be. If the time to departure is short, one is enough temporary passport as a document for entry, your identity card is again not sufficient. The flight tickets that certify that you are onward or returning from Mexico are also important. The Foreign Office also advises that the travel documents must be in good condition. On arrival at the airport of entry, fill in the tourist or business card, the so-called FMM which you will show later when entering and leaving the country. You can get the card on the plane or at the airport. Keep the tourist card and your passport in a safe place and it is best to always have them with you, as regular checks are carried out to verify legal residence. In extreme cases, anyone who cannot produce a valid residence permit can be taken into custody and expelled to their home country.

If you lose your card, you will have to buy a new one when you leave the country at the latest. The fee is the equivalent of around € 20. However, the loss of your personal documents is a much bigger problem: If you have reported your German passport as stolen and then find it again, you should no longer use it during your stay in Mexico. The alert in the international investigation can no longer be reversed, which leads to difficulties in the onward journey.

Should you spontaneously decide to extend your stay in Mexico, you can contact the Instituto Nacional de Migración, which can extend your residence permit without a visa for up to 180 days. However, there is no entitlement to this. In any case, employment must be applied for in a consulate in Mexico before entering the country.

For example, for a beach vacation or a business trip (shorter than 180 days), you do not need a visa, but can enter the country without any stress. However, this only applies if you do not have any paid work. This regulation applies to all citizens from the Schengen area and some other countries such as the USA, Canada and Great Britain. Anyone who has a permanent residence permit in one of these countries does not need to worry about a visa either. However, all other citizens do.