Where can we get a marriage certificate

Issuance of a marriage certificate / international marriage certificate

Current information on the information in the marriage certificate, application for a marriage certificate, costs of issuing a marriage certificate, etc.

General information


These regulations apply to all marriages in Austria.

In addition to the birth certificate, the death certificate and the partnership certificate, the marriage certificate is one of the four essential civil status certificates.

The marriage certificate contains

  • the family names of the spouses after the marriage,
  • academic degrees / professional title,
  • First names,
  • other names,
  • their surnames before marriage,
  • Day and place of birth,
  • optionally belonging to a legally recognized church or religious society and
  • the day and place of the marriage.

On application there is the possibility of issuing a multilingual international marriage certificate.


So that third parties cannot freely access your data, the right to issue a marriage certificate is restricted to a certain group of people.

Unless there is an overriding legitimate interest of the persons to whom the entry relates, a marriage certificate can be requested:

  • Persons to whom the entry relates and other persons whose civil status is affected by the entry
  • Persons who demonstrate a legal interest in it

Competent authority

For marriages after 1.1.1939:

Every civil status authority, that is:

For marriages from 1.8.1938 to 31.12.1938:

The district administrative authority that is locally responsible for the wedding venue:

For marriages before August 1st, 1938:

  • The rectory of the parish of the wedding venue


The issuance of the marriage certificate or the international marriage certificate must be requested from the competent authority. The application can be made in person, in writing or electronically (with a citizen card).

The marriage certificate will usually issued immediately in the event of a personal interview.

Required documents


For the application

For issuing a marriage certificate

  • Federal fee: 7.20 euros
  • Federal administration tax: EUR 2.10

When sending the marriage certificate are usually created additional costs. Please inquire about this at the responsible registry office.

Additional Information

For Austrians abroad, there is the option of printing out a certificate at the Austrian representation authorities if all the necessary data is available in the Central Civil Status Register (ZPR). Austrian citizens and stateless persons (with habitual residence in Austria) can apply for a foreign marriage certificate via the Austrian representation authorities or the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (= procurement of documents).

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