How important is billboard advertising to the business

The advantages of poster advertising at a glance: How to use outdoor advertising correctly!

Would you like to pass your advertising message on to as many people as possible in the shortest possible time? This is not a problem with high-quality outdoor advertising! It is still one of the most important means of communication in the advertising industry and its range extends from large billboard walls at intersections to digitally playable screens in the pedestrian zone. In this article you will find out which media still fall under the popular form of advertising, which advantages poster advertising offers you and which options are open to you with regard to successful marketing.

What does outdoor advertising actually mean?

Outdoor advertising refers to advertising outside of closed spaces. You can contact public

  • Streets,
  • Places, or
  • other publicly accessible places

are located and aimed at a wide audience. Its aim is to increase the level of awareness of its own brand or to increase sales by clearly presenting products with a slogan. Billboard advertising is one of the most important forms of outdoor advertising.

The advantages of outdoor advertising and billboard advertising

  • Outdoor advertising cannot be switched off, skipped over, ignored or ignored in any other way.
  • It also appeals to people who only use new media such as TV, radio or the Internet to a limited extent.
  • A conspicuous and effective advertising medium just because of its size and its widespread availability in public spaces.
  • Is often read to bridge waiting times at traffic lights or stops.
  • Attracts the attention of a wide audience and ensures that the brand unconsciously gets stuck in the minds of the beholder.
  • You can reach as many people as possible with relatively little money.
  • Enables target group-oriented distribution with a high reach.
  • Concise advertising messages ensure fast and targeted communication to a wide audience.

Tips for the creative implementation of advertising posters

Since poster advertising competes with a large number of other stimuli, this also requires an appealing and activating design:

  • Use the combination of visual and textual components to create an intelligent and eye-catching advertising message that arouses the viewer's interest at first glance.
  • Always direct your advertising message to a clearly defined target group.
  • Write your key message in capital letters.
  • The poster design should also be geared towards your target group.
  • Decide on colors that match your corporate design.
  • You can include a well-known public figure who fits your product into your campaign.
  • Have your posters printed on both sides and attach them to glass surfaces at bus stops, for example, in order to double your advertising space for the same price.
  • Opt for high-quality paper and an experienced printing company so that the quality of your print products is right in the end.

The phrase "less is more" also applies to poster design.

Other possible uses

In addition to billposting, advertisers have a variety of other options and advertising space for outdoor advertising:

1.Continuous advertising: This means the use of advertising space on fixed advertising media, for example an

  • House walls,
  • -gables, or
  • Retail stores.

2.Transport advertising: This mobile form of advertising is used on means of mass transport, for example on

  • Buses,
  • Lanes, or
  • Taxis.

3.Street furniture:

  • City lights,
  • illuminated large areas, or
  • columns

or other forms of street furniture represent another form of outdoor advertising.

4.Digital signage: This means advertising media in the form of digital advertising screens. They convey moving content in a mix

  • information
  • Advertising and
  • Entertainment,

which can be used outdoors in different types, shapes and sizes.

A successful mix of different outdoor advertising media such as

  • Large-format posters,
  • City light posters and
  • Promotional displays

ensures that advertising campaigns achieve even greater reach.


Although the classic printed poster advertising is the oldest form of outdoor advertising, which is still very popular today, it is no longer the avant-garde of the available advertising form for branding. Above all, social networks are a promising type for companies and a way to increase customer loyalty to your brand, as they offer the opportunity to keep advertising up-to-date and to react quickly to events. An outdated poster campaign, on the other hand, can be changed relatively quickly, but this is associated with additional costs. The industry has now reacted and, under the catchphrase Digital Out of Home, has launched new variants of outdoor advertising with advertising displays, banners and interactive poster forms. This is also reflected in the constantly growing sales of the out-of-home industry, which the Fachverband Aussenwerbung e.V. publishes.

By adopting the trends of digitization, moving images and localization, the advantages of web-based and mobile advertising formats can be transferred to the out of home world. Well-designed classic poster advertising still offers many advantages when it comes to increasing the awareness and sales of small and medium-sized regional companies and using an ideal medium for image advertising.