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German national anthem

Commitment to German unity
"Unity and justice and freedom for the German fatherland". This is the first line of the national anthem of the Federal Republic of Germany. The anthem is sung at state events and at sporting events in which German national teams are involved. If German athletes have won international competitions, this anthem is also played in their honor. The text "Unity and Law and Freedom" is also written on the edge of the German 2 euro coins.
Origin of the hymn

The author of the German national anthem is August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben. He wrote the "Song of the Germans" in 1841 on the island of Helgoland to a melody by Joseph Haydn. After the First World War, the first Reich President of the Weimar Republic, Friedrich Ebert, decided that the song should become the German national anthem. The third stanza of the song has been the national anthem of the Federal Republic of Germany since 1952.

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