What are the best courses in France

Language trip to France

France offers a unique mix of modern metropolises and picturesque landscapes. While you can marvel at famous sights such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower in the fashion capital Paris, the coast of southern France will enchant you with its picturesque beaches and hidden bays.

Enjoy the culinary diversity of France at the famous wineries in Bordeaux or in the gastronomic stronghold of Lyon. However, it doesn't matter which course location you choose for your language trip to France in 2021 - with an EF language trip to France you are guaranteed to gain unforgettable experiences and get to know and love the country with all its traditions and friendly inhabitants up close. Our favorite destinations are Paris and Nice.

Explore beautiful Paris in the French language course in France!

Would you like to improve your French in France in a language course? Then decide to live in Paris for a while! In the capital, winding streets of historic districts meet green parks and world-famous sights meet local independent shops. If you spend your France language course in Paris, you will be able to discover this diverse city in peace.

A few minutes away from one of our most popular language schools in France is the beautiful Seine, along which a walk quickly becomes a tour of the sights and highlights! It is also not far to phenomenal vantage points such as the Arc de Triomphe or the white walls of the Sacré-Cœur Church, so that you can go on an exploration tour with new friends during your language course in France.

Order a café au lait or a crepe in one of the boulangeries along the romantic streets of Montmartre and test the knowledge you have learned while learning French abroad!

Take one of our France language courses in Nice!

For many who decide to take a French language course in France, the school in Nice on the popular Côte d’Azur is at the forefront when it comes to choosing a course location for a language stay in France. With the winding streets and pastel-colored house fronts of the old town, a dreamy beach and turquoise-blue sea, the elegant city is one of the top destinations for everyone who wants to learn French abroad.

If you spend your France language course here, you will learn the language on the modern EF campus in close proximity to the coast. On your language course in France, stroll along the famous Promenade des Anglais, which for a few kilometers forms the border between graceful palm trees and the vastness of the Mediterranean. In this paradisiacal setting, learning French in France is twice as much fun!

In addition, some of the top excursion destinations in Europe are waiting to be explored by you in your free time in the immediate vicinity of Provence. How about a tour through the wine region around Bordeaux, a trip to neighboring Cannes or Antibes, or a weekend in elegant Montpellier?

What can I expect from the accredited EF French language schools in France?

All EF language schools in France are located in modern buildings in a central location and meet the standards of excellence of renowned and internationally recognized educational supervisory authorities such as Eaquals.

Our French language schools in France are all designed to create a relaxed learning atmosphere in which you can quickly get rid of the typical initial inhibitions while speaking.

Whether for a week or a year on a language trip in France: During this time, you can quickly make contact with other language learners on campus and build a great network - friendships that often last a lifetime. Each EF language school in France is also close to the center, so that in addition to the lessons you will also have plenty of time to examine your new environment.

From the lively metropolis of Paris to the beautiful seaside town of Nice - no matter which EF language school in France you choose, one thing is certain: you will benefit from first-class language lessons from our exclusively native teachers, the small classes and ours on your language trip to France state-of-the-art teaching methods that rely on communication and personalized multimedia lessons, not only have a lot of fun learning French in France, but also achieve a higher language level every six weeks.

We can guarantee this with our innovative EF Efekta learning system, which we developed in collaboration with scientists from the renowned Cambridge University and Harvard University. You will quickly find out that nowhere is learning French as fun as at our language schools in France. With electives, you can also design your lessons in such a way that they expand your knowledge in areas that are relevant to you.

Why learn French in France on a language course?

If you take one of our French courses in France, you will learn the language with an intensity that you will not find in a local school. Learning French in France means you will be surrounded by the language all day.

You need the language on your French language trip in all sorts of situations besides the lessons: when ordering in the café around the corner, to ask for directions while exploring or to talk to locals. During the French course in France, you will quickly notice how it is becoming easier and easier for you to talk cheerfully!

A language trip to France is not just about improving your language skills. Rather, in addition to learning French in France, you also get an in-depth insight into the country's culture - in a way that you don't experience as a normal tourist.

In addition to your French language course in France, you will have great new experiences: you will meet people from all over the world, go on excursions to the best sights in France and collect memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

Will a language trip to France help my career?

It is not only on a cultural and linguistic level that you benefit from completing a French course in France during your language trip. It will also boost your career. Current and future employers will not only be impressed by your language skills, which can help you communicate with international customers or colleagues.

It is a challenge to leave the familiar environment and personal comfort zone behind in order to learn French on a language trip to France. Those who master this step have assertiveness, self-confidence and a sense of responsibility - and thus qualities that are very popular with employers. A French language stay also gives you intercultural skills that will help you advance in many different situations.

Which accommodation suits me best?

Where you are staying on your language trip in France depends entirely on your personal ideas about a successful stay. If you choose a host family, our staff at EF will find a suitable one for you. We are in constant contact with the families and always subject them to regular assessments to ensure that our students feel right at home there. The advantage of this accommodation is that you can experience the culture up close - including everyday life, important holidays and small traditions.

If you choose a dormitory instead, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the numerous language travelers from all over the world. Not only will you always find someone who is in the mood for a cup of coffee or a little exploration, but you will also get an insight into other cultures and the chance to practice your French in a relaxed environment.

Why should I choose EF?

With us you get an all-round service from the first contact. We are happy to advise you online, by phone or in person about your options. As soon as the decision on a program and course location has been made, we will help you with the preparation - including tips and tricks, access to our online platform and, if you wish, the organization of travel to and from the course as well as appropriate insurance.

Since we run the schools ourselves, you will always have contacts on site after your arrival who will be happy to take care of all your concerns. They ensure that you can find your way around straight away and quickly become part of the international EF family.