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Why I Stop Buying New Apple Products

A few years ago I was still as excited about my new MacBook Air as a child on Christmas morning. Today I only feel disappointed in Apple. A comment on why I keep cherishing my old Apple products and not buying new ones.

Since Steve Jobs died in 2011, Apple doesn't seem to pursue the same level of perfection as it used to be. The company has become less reliable, professional and customer-friendly - and that annoys me a lot.

For example, I recently noticed that my iPhone silicone case, which was just four months old, had got two tears. The protective cover was a gift from the Apple Store in Hamburg. Your original price: 45 euros.

Of course, I was annoyed that the expensive shell tears after a few months - and that twice. When I wanted to complain about it in the Apple Store on site, I received only one rejection.

The tears are considered normal signs of wear and tear that occur when you take the iPhone out of the case. In that case, the one-year product guarantee does not apply, a friendly employee explained to me.

At that moment, I didn't want to tolerate Apple any longer. The shell wasn't my only problem with the company.

Apple, now pull yourself together!

Apple products are damn expensive, they always have been. Of course you don't have to buy them. But once you enjoy spending the money, it can be frustrating when the product you bought has to be repaired or replaced a short time later.

I used to like to save up for a new MacBook or iPad because I knew that the devices would reliably accompany me for many years. I wouldn't have to worry about broken keyboards, crashing programs and other problems.

Today I complain that my new protective cover tears after a few months, the keyboard of my MacBook Pro jams and sometimes it doesn't run as smoothly as I was used to from Apple.

Apple once stood for perfection, and it no longer does that. Of course, it also has to do with our consumer behavior that Apple is releasing new products at ever shorter intervals.

But competitors such as Samsung are also under the same pressure, bringing out cheaper and, in some areas, perhaps also technically better devices.

So why doesn't Apple manage to pull itself together and get back to perfection?

I stop buying new Apple products

Until the company can find an answer to this question, I will not buy any new Apple products. I have the feeling that the older devices are much more reliable than the new ones.

Meanwhile, I am learning to appreciate the MacBook Air with the shining apple, my Bluetooth keyboard from 2009 and my admittedly comparatively new iPhone X more than ever.

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I've been using this and several other Apple devices for several years - and none of them have disappointed or let me down.

That may only reflect my own experience with Apple. But I also notice in my circle of friends and acquaintances that new Apple products are more prone to minor ailments than the old ones.

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