What are the rules of fashion styling

Aura reading with fashion styling - a self-experiment

Our conversation has been going on for a while, when Susanna Merrick suddenly points to the wall behind me. “Do you see that strip behind you? Where does it come from? ”She says. Merrick and I are talking on Skype on our laptop. I look at the small video window in which I can be seen. A narrow bluish-purple stripe runs diagonally across the wall behind me (photo below). I turn around. There is nothing there, the wall is white. But it is clearly visible on the screen.

"Crazy," says Merrick. We both stare at the streak, which slowly fades after a few seconds. "What's interesting is that it looks a lot like the color of your aura," she says. Susanna Merrick already “read” me during our interview: The 33-year-old New Yorker is an “intuitive energy reader” as well as a stylist and creative consultant. The service that she offers with her company Aura Wear NYC: reading the human aura, combined with a styling service that is supposed to encourage you to dress appropriately to the aura color. "It's about connecting with your values ​​and then dressing in such a way that you radiate and support these values," she says. In this way, fashion can be a form of “self-care”: You choose outfits that bring you into harmony with your current life situation and that help you to master it better and more confidently.

In big cities like New York, such business ideas are not only ridiculed as eso-nonsense, but are embraced by many customers as a form of self-therapy. “There is everything here. Intuitive hairdressers, intuitive tattoo artists, ”says Susanna Merrick. Healers like her, tarot card readers or palm readers are invited to cool fashion parties as part of the entertainment program. Merrick has already offered their services at an event organized by Gwyneth Paltrow's wellness portal Goop.

It was only after moving to New York that I became really aware of the concept of aura and aura reading. “Each of us radiates electromagnetic energies,” says Susanna Merrick. The word aura is used to describe an energy field surrounding a person, which looks like a kind of colored shell and is supposed to reveal something about the character of the person and his inner state of mind. The color of the aura can always change, and some, psychologically gifted people should be able to see it. People like Susanna Merrick. "To me the aura looks like a mirage, like when you drive on the highway and see a large puddle on the street, although there isn't one."