What is the range of the longbow

How far could an English war bow shoot?

Too many factors in the work to really tell an arch has an X range. How strong does a man draw the bow, is the wind for or against the direction of the arrow, how strong is it? How well is the bow made? Is it in good condition?

Also what kind of fire are you making? Are you just trying to shoot an arrow far regardless of whether it hits something? Or are you aiming for a set goal? I don't like to take pictures, so I have no idea about these distances. Exactly how far away could someone expect to shoot with a standard rifle? Add the added difficulty of an arc and it won't be too far.

I don't think 165-228m is too wide a range of estimates given the various factors that can play a role.

Firing and hitting a target from a distance doesn't necessarily mean it was aiming at a small porthole at that distance. More likely, it meant just shooting at a group of men and accidentally bumping into a random unfortunate guy.


Agree with Craig. We can say "the range of an average English longbow is ..." but we cannot say what the maximum was. Depends on the construction. I have a 40 pound Hungarian bow that shoots easily at 150 yards. However, if you add more force with lighter arrows, you can push the limits. By the way, the long distance record is held by József Mónus, which is 653 meters. And to keep Craig up, it matters whether you want to aim or just randomly shoot over a distance. The effective range is shorter than the maximum. So +1.