How well do non-technicians learn to code

Which device to encode the car?

A new car represents progress and modern design. Often the generation change turns out to be just a better facelift with a few outstanding features, but it still makes buyers happy.

Finally, there are a few new features to be discovered. For example, you are happy about the new design of the navigation system or the digital speedometer display, which is now standard. For some of these updates you don't have to change cars.

Today it's so easy to give a car a new freshness with a little facelift. How is that supposed to work? It's easy, with Auto code you can change your car in some places and adapt it to your wishes.

With Auto code you can activate a head-up display, customize the interior lighting and upgrade the navigation system with a fresh design. You don't even have to take the car to the workshop for this, because with the right one Auto coding device and with a little practice you will quickly become a Auto code Profile.

Which auto coding device do you need? If you want to code your car, you need a smartphone or notebook and the right software. In order to establish a connection between the computer and the control unit of your car, you also need a dongle or an interface with an OBD connector. By coding the car, you can make the changes you want, for example a new graphic for the navigation system.

Each of you has probably already done coding. Not necessarily on a car, but on your laptop or smartphone. For example, you've programmed a ringtone or replaced the logo on the screen with a photo.

Nothing else is Auto code. This is where the programming of the control unit is intervened in order to achieve a specific result. For example, that the doors lock automatically at a certain speed. Auto code but is much more than auto-locking car doors.

What exactly is auto coding, how does it work?

Not everyone is passionate about computers and programming. Still you can with one Auto coding device Make your car a bit more personal and individual. And that in just a few minutes.

But what do we mean by Auto code? To do this, imagine your car as a computer with a chassis and engine. The computer includes the control units from which the many different functions of the car are controlled.

Why do the rear-view mirrors fold in and why do all four flashing lights come on at the same time when you lock the doors from the outside? Quite simply because the control unit is programmed in this way and issues the command.

Color and brightness of the instrument lighting, reversing camera, simply everything is carried out and controlled via the control units. The engine's injection nozzles and the exhaust gas cleaning system are also controlled and monitored by a control unit.

Various control units are housed in the car for this purpose. That which is responsible for the smooth running of the engine is also called engine control.

This is how a control unit works

A control unit is part of the on-board computer and ensures that the assigned functions run smoothly, as the example of the folding exterior mirrors shows. However, a control unit also takes on many other tasks.

Data that provide valuable information also converge in a control device. This information is collected using many sensors that are distributed across the entire car.

The error messages that are stored in the memory of the control units as a precaution are important. In the workshop or at home, the error analysis data can be shared with a Diagnostic device, such as Carly, can be called up and viewed.

With this function, automakers want to prevent the demonstration effect. If your car has a defect and you therefore bring it to the workshop, the following can happen: You want to demonstrate the defect, but the car works perfectly. But how is the mechanic supposed to look for a defect in a working car?

Unfortunately, the error occurs again as soon as you have left the workshop. This can no longer happen to you with the error analysis, since every error message is stored in the control unit. The auto mechanic only needs the data from error analysis with one Diagnostic device read out and can start work.

Development of the control units using the example of the engine control

Control units in modern cars are complex and perform numerous functions and tasks. That was not always so. In the beginning, the control units were simple and regulated the sequence of simple functions.

In the past, spark plugs and a distributor head were required to ignite the gasoline engine. The first engine control replaced the distributor head and from then on took over control of the ignition.

In the late 1980s, engine control was also used in diesel engines. From the mid-1990s, the mechanical control concept of the motors began to be gradually replaced by electrical control units.

Electrical control units are, for example, housed in power windows, speedometers, rev counters, electric sliding doors and many other places in the car. Tank level gauges, oil pressure gauges and oil warning lights as well as other sensors are used for long-term monitoring and provide important data.

Auto coding - coding yourself is fun and saves money

Since the mechanical control concept in cars has been replaced by electrical control units and sensors over the decades, many functions on the car are controlled and monitored by chips and programs.

If you want to change certain functions, you only have to reprogram the control. So is Auto code nothing more than reprogramming functions. This can be done by a workshop or a company specializing in car coding.

Auto code has developed into a special form of auto tuning in recent years. This allows you to switch on functions that are not activated and make the car more individual, for example by activating a built-in and unused rear-view camera.

But you don't have to go to a workshop or a car tuner to do this. Because workshop and auto tuner present you for one every time Auto code an invoice. Depending on the function, this can cost several hundred or even over a thousand euros.

In view of the sometimes high prices for the Auto code are required, more and more car owners are interested in it Auto code. Beginners in particular wonder with which one Auto coding device can i mine Auto code?

Which auto coding device is the right one?

Who himself Auto code want, needs one Auto coding device. But finding the right device is not that easy. Besides that, there is Auto coding device Kit made up of different parts: a computer with the right software and the right connection to the car.

You can choose from various options for both the computer and the software. While you can choose between a smartphone and laptop with a computer, the choice is much greater with the software.

However, the choice of software is also limited, as some offers are of dubious origin and you can damage your car with them. It is therefore clear that you should only consider reputable providers when choosing.

When looking for the Auto coding device you can distinguish between two groups:

  • Laptop with suitable software
  • Smartphone with a suitable app

With both groups you have a larger choice. In addition, the market is growing and that means that new providers are constantly pushing into the market. However, this does not make the selection any easier.

Laptop with suitable software

In most cases, a laptop in the workshop with the appropriate software is used for coding. This is connected to the car with a cable, thus ensuring a perfect connection.

Which program for Auto code used depends on the make and model of the car. Car manufacturers do not produce the control units themselves, but purchase them from third parties. Every automaker works with its own software.

When a model changes generations, it can happen that, in addition to a facelift, the software for the coding is also changed. So if you change the model, you may also use the software for the Auto code have to change.

Over time, every automaker has developed something in software for the Auto code accumulated. Here are a few examples.

  • If you want to get into the control of your BMW, you will find various programs, for example Ediabas, Tool32, NCS Expert, NCS Dummy, INPA, WinKFP and E-SYS. Each program offers different options and cannot be used with every model series.
  • There are other programs that are specifically tailored to car brands. Another example is the Windows-based VCDS program used by the Volkswagen Group.

However, some of these programs have no protective restrictions. This is especially true of the automaker's programs. With it you can penetrate deep into the control units of your car and cause great damage.

Especially the beginners among you should not use such software, or at least not on their own. Because these programs are intended for trained professionals. Those who do not have the knowledge and experience are likely to damage or even shut down their car.

The likelihood of beginners at Auto code making a mistake is very high. Because just one wrong command is enough and your car no longer drives a meter. Who through his car Auto code damaged, have to pay for the damage yourself.

If you're a beginner, you'd better start a company for that Auto code pay. Make sure, however, that the company gives you a guarantee for the coding, should errors subsequently occur that are caused by the Auto code caused.

There's another reason you shouldn't be using the automaker's software. This software cannot be obtained legally. The offers from the Internet are often pirated copies. You could therefore make yourself liable to prosecution, for example because of receiving stolen goods.

Tip: Are you a beginner in car coding, but want to give it a try? With an easy-to-use car coding device you can activate or change functions on your car. You can also call up the error analysis and check whether a Used car fraud through odometer manipulation is present. The right app also protects you from decommissioning your own car.

Coding the car with the smartphone

No Auto coding device is as seductive and easy to use as the smartphone with the appropriate app. Mainly because everyone has a smartphone and the costs are low.

You can find offers on the Internet that are particularly aimed at beginners. One example is the Carly app, which is offered together with the matching dongle. However, not all apps offered are easy to use. Beginners in particular should be careful here.

A smartphone is a computer and an app is a program. Therefore, the apps are like the programs for notebooks. Apps are also offered for smartphones with which you can code sensitive areas of the control units.

With some apps you can read out the error analysis of the control and with others you can code the motor control. And here is the danger. Because as with the programs for the laptop, you can damage your car with some apps.

Even if the large selection of apps is tempting, it is precisely for this reason that caution is advised. For many apps there is neither a guarantee nor assistance from the provider. So when it comes to your car, you should be careful.

But there are apps that offer you security. In addition, these apps have restrictions on Auto code. This means that you cannot penetrate the sensitive areas of the control units.

Thereby the possibilities are with Auto code a bit limited, but saves you a lot of trouble. Because the restrictions prevent you from being able to Auto code Modified sensitive programs and damaged the car.

Auto coding can be fun

Who would not want to read out the fault analysis of their car, recode functions on the car and experience the feeling as if you were sitting in a new car. And the best part is that you don't have to be a trained IT specialist or car technician.

With the right one Auto coding device bring a wealth of data to the display of your smartphone. It is important that you find the provider who provides the right app. Because in the end everything revolves around the app.

Auto coding is easy with the right app

You know it from various apps for smartphones and tablets. Operation can be so easy when the app guides you through the many functions and possibilities. A user-friendly interface and menu design of the app is important.

One example of this is the Carly app. You can get the lite version for free in the App Store. So you can take a look at it without having to spend any money. Intuitively understandable symbols and clear descriptions guide you safely through the menu with the various functions.

A user-friendly app is designed so that you don't have to take a course or read a thick manual. The app is designed so that you can easily grasp it intuitively. You cannot do dangerous car coding either. So there is no need to worry that you will inadvertently shut down your car.

Nevertheless, the Carly app offers you many other ways to get to know your car better. Which functions these are depends on the car brand, model and year of manufacture. Here is an example of an app from Carly for the 5-series BMW F90 from model year 2017:

  • Diagnostic check
  • Info memory
  • Used car check
  • Auto code
  • Motor parameters
  • Automatic transmission functions
  • Diesel particle filter
  • Exhaust flap control
  • OBD functions
  • Digital garage

So you can do a lot of other things with Carly besides coding. Under the item engine parameters you can, for example, register the car battery after you have bought a new one and installed it yourself. The item used car check helps you to check whether the previous owner has reset the mileage in order to sell you the car at a higher price.

The point offers the most interesting functions Auto code. With the Auto coding device you can adjust, activate or deactivate many functions depending on the model and equipment. For example:

  • Active sound design
  • Parking aid
  • Driver assistant
  • Head-Up Display
  • Tailgate
  • IDrive startup logo, warnings, menus
  • climate
  • Instrument cluster
  • Start-stop function
  • Doors open / close
  • Boil view cameras
  • Seat / seat heating
  • Sports ads
  • Speedometer
  • Daytime running lights
  • tank
  • phone
  • Warnings
  • etc.

The app offers you many functions to code the individual points according to your ideas. For example, you can not only activate the head-up display, but also determine which data is shown in the head-up display. Videos are not played from the USB stick? Just code the function and it'll work.

Auto coding device search - what criteria

Our tips are mainly aimed at beginners, as professional car tuners have their own sources anyway. It is especially difficult for beginners to decide on the right program or app.

When looking for the right one Auto coding device you should never lose sight of the most important thing: your car. Beginners in particular can cause damage with programs or apps without restrictions, which means an expensive repair. Then you still need a replacement car, which also costs money.

Nevertheless, you need yourselves from Auto code don't be put off. If you don't want to tune for higher speeds, you should use the Auto coding device Smartphone and app with functional restrictions will find more than enough options.

Further questions and suggestions

At this point we want to give you information on a topic related to your question. If you agree, we would be happy to hear from you, for example you can leave a comment.

Auto coding - what is not advisable, what is forbidden?

A Auto coding device doesn't cost a lot of money. For around 100 euros you can get the right app for Android and iOS and the right dongle with OBD plug on the Internet and you're ready to go.

But Auto code can also cause problems. You can divide them into two groups, into

  • legal problems and
  • technical problems.

Auto code and legal limits

Who with his Auto coding device If you want to read out the fault memory on your car or reprogram various functions, you can easily do that. And you should do that too.

If you know the content of the error analysis, you have an advantage when it comes to repairs in the workshop. Because in that case you know the possible causes of the defect and don't have to blindly trust the workshop.

It is also not a problem if you install a self-purchased car battery and use yours device registered. Activating the blinkers as a visual signal when opening and locking the doors also has no legal consequences.

However, the above functions have nothing to do with coding and can only be performed with a few devices.

But some changes to the car have to be approved by the authorities. In order for you to be legally on the road, they must be entered in the vehicle registration document. Only then are you allowed to move the car in public transport.

Because auto tuning through Auto code is becoming more and more widespread, the police react with appropriate measures. For this purpose, vehicles are focused on auto tuning Auto code examined. Violations can result in fines. In the worst case, the car can be confiscated.

What at Auto code is forbidden is not that easy to say. In principle, anything that violates the law is prohibited. Here are a few examples

  • Coding on the headlights: Other road users must be able to see you in the dark and in poor visibility. Even if the car looks sportier with a change in the lighting, you should rather do without it.
  • More engine power: More horsepower is particularly in demand. Basically, you can get more horsepower from the engine of your car. But you have to approve this officially and have it entered in the papers. Otherwise there are consequences.

Auto coding: Technology has its limits

Auto Tuner 2.0 advertise more horsepower and higher speed with chip tuning. In addition to a possible violation of the law and the associated consequences, you also have to consider technical problems.

It doesn't matter if you're yourself with one Tuning device increase the engine power or whether you let a car tuner do it. Because engine tuning is always risky.

You can go with Tuning devices increase the speed, but this can damage the engine. The reason for this is that the engine is not built for higher speeds and will be permanently damaged.

For example, the piston rings can deform and break due to the higher speeds. Then the piston rings have to be replaced, which costs several thousand euros.

Defective piston rings can also cause serious engine damage. In this case the pistons seize into the cylinder. Then the motor can no longer be repaired and has to be replaced.