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FAQ for students

I have contacts with a company and would like to do a DHBW course in WIW there. What should I do?

If the company is already a partner of ours: apply. If not: Make us known in the company.

You can do this for. B. forward the documents available on the internet such as curriculum, training contract, semester plan or general information for companies to the responsible persons or present them in printed form. If the company is interested in a cooperation with DHBW Stuttgart, the company should contact us as early as possible to clarify the next steps.

Does the content of the practical training differ from company to company? Of course you will z. B. learn something different things in a plastics processing company than in a metal processing company. If your interests in an industry have already been consolidated, you should take this into account when you apply.

In order to be approved as a training company, the companies must be able to teach you important basics in any case. For this purpose, companies that cannot cover everything themselves cooperate with other training centers, where the students then spend a few weeks. In any case, you can rely on the fact that you will also receive competent qualifications in the practical part of your studies.