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Ersti09  πŸ“… 23.11.2011 20:27:04
Re: When should you keep your hands off computer science?
Please explain where you got your unfounded knowledge.

The crux of studying maths are traditionally the first two (and sometimes also the third) semesters.
In most business math or other mixed degree courses, these are exactly the same as the math degree.

After that, the math share decreases all the more, but even in normal math studies, the drop-out rate after the large introductory lectures is very low.

Not that it would be easy afterwards. But you can tell during the first year whether you have enough interest and confidence to persevere in maths - or not.
No matter if WiMa or "normal" math studies.

Your percentages also make little sense. For example, in Aachen 80% drop out of mechanical engineering. Why? Because the university accepts all the more students beforehand and tests them out pretty hard.
This means that the mechanical engineering course in Aachen does not have to be the most difficult course in Germany.

Otherwise Sonic's point of view can only confirm. I study math myself and have info as a minor. It is not thrown at you, but: We laugh at people who have written in info notes with a 2 in front of the comma.
Bella251  πŸ“… 07.04.2012 16:56:38
Re: When should you keep your hands off computer science?
So to hold on to it again. You do not need any previous knowledge to study computer science.
Rather, you shouldn't have any aversion to math or formal representations.
I myself am studying Computing in Science in my fourth semester. That's physics and computer science.
I started with absolutely no prior knowledge and you have to sit down at some point and look into a book maybe an hour longer than the people who have been programming for years, but in computer science, programming is the easiest part and the most of it is started from the very beginning.

What breaks the neck of many computer scientists is, on the one hand, the aforementioned misconception about studying and, on the one hand, a lack of willingness to learn. Studying is just not like going to school. Not everything is chewed in front of you until the last person has understood it, you have to sit down and learn. Many don't.
This is often the reason for the bad averages.

You shouldn't study computer science:
if you have no interest in the theory behind programming. (Automata theory, logic, grammars ...)
if you don't like formal descriptions
if you find abstraction very difficult.
Otherwise I would say: give it a try.
InfoStudy  πŸ“… 11.04.2012 17:54:24
Re: When should you keep your hands off computer science?
wanted to thank you for your answers!
The theory is fun, I agree with the previous speaker, you just have to sit down and examine the connections, not learn by heart, but understand. Then it's fun too. What will certainly not be easy for me is the math part. I'm missing quite a bit of basics 7-9 grade (I was abroad and math was secondary). Even in high school, I dealt very little with it and quickly voted out. I'm still doing the basic arithmetic, everything else I have to work out for myself. I'll just give it a try, there are preliminary courses at the university. Thanks again
Ersti09  πŸ“… 11.04.2012 18:45:33
Re: When should you keep your hands off computer science?

then you should do something before the preliminary courses!
It can't hurt to have the basic course Abitur level: The preliminary course doesn't start from scratch either.
Bananarama  πŸ“… 24.06.2013 11:27:30
Re: When should you keep your hands off computer science?
The thread is already older, but since there will certainly be many people who find this thread and would like to take the answers to heart, I would still like to add my mustard.

Here are some answers such as "No chance at school without computer science" or "If you are bad at maths, you shouldn't even try it". As a counter-argument, here is my story.

During my school days I was bad at maths. At secondary school, I failed the math exam in 10th grade and therefore didn't get my Abitur. The result was that I had to repeat a year. At grammar school it went on in exactly the same way. During the Abitur time you were allowed to collect exactly 4 deficits with us, I collected all 4 in math and passed my Abitur with a grade of 3.6. My courses were Bio and German and I never had IT at school.
Nevertheless, because of my interest, I finally started studying computer science at a university and have not regretted it to this day. Admittedly, in contrast to some of my fellow students, I had deficits, but they could be compensated for with diligence. A few weeks ago I submitted my bachelor thesis, which, by the way, I wrote in cooperation with a large company and was paid for it. My average is now around 2.5.

What I mean by that:
Do not let anyone tell you what to do and what it is better to keep your fingers off of. If you feel like computer science, do it. Just be aware that everything in computer science is math based and math is ubiquitous in this study.

In the end, studying is often all about persevering and not giving up.
Anonymous  πŸ“… 24.06.2013 13:51:01
Re: When should you keep your hands off computer science?
Above all, "No chance without IT at school" is pure cheese, first of all the subject does not exist everywhere and secondly, the subject has nothing to do with later studies, what do you do there, you try a little something for the students To teach basics about computer science and then possibly how to program "hello World" in Java or another language. That’s it, you’ve already got it through after the 2nd lecture or when you stick your nose into a preliminary course book, or then you already know more anyway.
Anonymous  πŸ“… 24.06.2013 14:11:28
Re: When should you keep your hands off computer science?
QuoteIf you've never had computer science in school, you shouldn't even try it, you won't be able to study, so studying mathematics would make more sense.

What kind of nonsense is that? Where does studying mathematics make sense? It is the most pointless subject ever! Apart from that, what causes problems for most of the people in the info course, namely math and programming, has to be done in the math course as well! I can't say whether the info or math studies are more difficult, but one thing is certain, with info you get a good job, with math you can become a taxi driver! Therefore: Stay away from the Matestudium !!!!!
jejee  πŸ“… 24.06.2013 20:18:26
Re: When should you keep your hands off computer science?
XWZ 2.0 wrote:
> If you've never had computer science in school
> You shouldn't even try it. You can do it
> not the course, which is why a
> Mathematics study makes more sense.
> What kind of nonsense is that? Where is
> A degree in mathematics makes sense? It is that
> most senseless subject ever! Apart from that, must
> you what most problems in information studies
> prepares, namely maths and programming, im
> Do math studies in the same way! Whether now the info
> or math is more difficult, I can
> do not judge, but one thing is for sure, with info
> you get a good job, with math you can
> Become a taxi driver! Therefore: stay away from it
> Matestudium !!!!!

Just turn your head to XWZ. Just because you're a failure doesn't mean you have to scatter lies here. Finished my maths degree last year - with a minor in business administration and got a full-time position at a bank. In our "math clique" (after all 16 people) nobody has become unemployed or has to work outside the field. Many do something with IT, some with business administration.

You bird.
Spello  πŸ“… 11.11.2013 21:25:30
Re: When should you keep your hands off computer science?
Of morality "Hello World" programmed in Java or another language. That was it already,...