How can I get a neuroscience internship

Information about the internship in the Master’s

How many internships have to be completed and how long should they last?

An internship of at least 320 hours should be completed in any period (in a block or part-time). It is not possible to distribute the 320 hours over several internship positions, but a change to other departments within an institution is definitely recommended.

Can I be waived from an internship?

No, the internship cannot be waived.

Can I do an internship before or after my studies?

Since the goals of the internship include deepening the knowledge acquired in the main subject and getting closer to starting a career, an internship cannot be formally recognized prior to the degree.
An internship after graduation can also no longer be recognized as an examination performance. It can still be of great use to you to check suitability for a particular field of activity.

When should I do the internship?

The internship must take place during the matriculation period of the Masters. The third semester is recommended.

What should an internship look like so that it is recognized and do I have to get approval beforehand?

In addition to the prescribed minimum duration, it is particularly important to have an insight into the practical psychological activity - 'try something out yourself' - purely ancillary activities such as filing files, copying or entering data should not take up more than 15-20% of the time.
In addition, a psychologist should be available as a contact person at the internship. Since psychological tasks are performed by non-psychologists in many institutions or organizations, psychological supervision can be dispensed with in exceptional cases in order to enable students to gain practical experience in such environments.

As a general rule, i.e. if the above conditions are met, the internships are not subject to approval; only if you are unsure should you consult the internship officer beforehand.
The internship can either be completed in institutions of clinical practice fields of psychology (e.g. clinics, day clinics, psychotherapeutic or neuropsychological practices) or in psychological research institutions with a clinical-psychological, neuropsychological or neurocognitive focus.

Where and how can I find internship positions?

In principle, direct and speculative applications are possible at all those institutions that are willing to offer an internship according to the rules specified above. Please note the advertisements of the branch office.
We then offer numerous positions below that have proven themselves and are therefore to be understood as recommendations.
The Federal Association of Psychology Students in the BDP (Professional Association of German Psychologists) also maintains an internship page with useful links.

Can I also do internships abroad?

Internships can also be completed abroad if they meet the conditions applicable to domestic internships. If in doubt, arrange a personal meeting with the internship officer beforehand.

If you want to take a leave of absence for your internship abroad, you can also get a confirmation from the student office from. You must give your date of birth, your matriculation number, the expected period and the exact name of the internship.

How do I find internship positions abroad?

We recommend the organizations AIESEC and World of XChange to find positions for internships abroad, and Coach Concept ICTD GmbH especially for company internships in China. Also for China and many other countries offers student and labor market support in the search for suitable internship positions.

Are there grants or grants for internships abroad?

Especially for China, but also for many other countries, offers student and labor market grants for internships of at least two months and support in finding suitable internships. In certain cases, offers and grants for internships abroad can also be obtained through the Erasmus program. You can also find information on this at Student and Labor Market and at the Department for International Affairs.

I would like to take a semester off from my studies for an internship. Whom can I ask?

The student office is exclusively responsible for a leave of absence from studies:

Main university building, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, room 137/1 to 2 / EG, Tel .: (089) -2180-9000.

Study Information Center SIS: Mon - Thu 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. - 4 p.m., Fri 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Opening times: Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri. 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (ticket issuance until 11:30 a.m.), Thursday 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

If necessary, you can get a confirmation from the internship officer stating that it is a compulsory internship. You have to give your date of birth, your matriculation number, the expected period and the exact name of the internship. By the way, vacation semesters are not counted towards the duration of the study.

Are research internships also possible?

Psychological research is one of the fields in which psychologists can work after graduation, so doing a research internship is possible. Research internships outside of our faculty (11) must be approved by the internship officer before the internship begins. Students who only test subjects and / or type in or evaluate data, for example, do not get a sufficient preview of practical psychological activity. When completing a research internship, it is important to ensure that it is integrated into a complete research process (theoretical work, data collection and evaluation, reporting).

I was or am a student assistant at the Department of Psychology. Can I have this recognized as a (research) internship?

If the (formal) requirements for regular (research) internships are met, student assistant jobs within the Department of Psychology can also be recognized in exceptional cases. Pay particular attention to content-related and scientific relevance as well as diversity of activities. If, for example, you have only tested test subjects or only ever entered and / or evaluated data, this cannot be recognized as a (research) internship.

Can an internship also be paid for?

Unfortunately, many internship positions are offered without payment, as the tight budget situation of many institutions in particular does not allow regular payment. Interns are allowed to earn money during their internship, which is common practice in the majority of commercial enterprises. For insurance reasons, too, some of these companies or institutions need an official confirmation that the internship is compulsory. You can request this confirmation by e-mail from the internship officer. You have to give your date of birth, your matriculation number, the expected period and a precise description of the internship. Sometimes, however, a reference to the study regulations is enough for these positions.

I would like to have a working student activity recognized as an internship. Is that also possible?

If the (formal) conditions that are placed on regular internships are met, working student activities can also be recognized in exceptional cases. An important criterion to distinguish the internship from other (HiWi) activities is that there is a corresponding internship relationship (documented by an internship contract). The internship can very well be completed (and paid) as part of HiWi activities, provided that these correspond to the required internship content see . Pay particular attention to psychology and variety of activities. If, for example, you have only filled out Excel tables in the registry of a psychosomatic clinic for weeks, this cannot of course be recognized as an internship.

Can I do the internship part-time?

An internship should last at least 320 hours. This number of hours corresponds to 2 months of full-time employment. In the case of part-time internships, it is essential to state the number of hours on the internship certificate.
A distribution of the 320 hours over several internship positions is however Not possible.

I am severely disabled or chronically ill. Are there any special funding programs for me during the internship?

Since 2006 the European Parliament has offered a special internship program for people with disabilities. The paid internships last five months. They are open to graduates from universities or equivalent institutions as well as to people whose qualifications are below the university level. Applications are possible twice a year. You can find more information and the application form here.
Upon request, I can also grant you a reduction in the duration of the internship as part of the disadvantage compensation.

What should be in the internship certificate or internship certificate?

In the internship certificate (informal) must be listed and confirmed:

  1. the duration of the internship and the number of hours (at least 320 hours, this is mandatory for part-time internships),
  2. supervision and guidance by a psychologist with a university degree and
  3. the activities carried out by the intern.

The internship certificate must also be signed by the supervising psychologist.

What should the internship report look like?

In the internship report (approx. 15,000 characters), the intern should describe the area of ​​responsibility and experiences in as informative a way as possible and deliver a critical opinion. The report is not signed and does not need to be submitted to the internship location for "approval". The key questions to be answered can be found on the cover sheet for your report, which you can download here as a Word file. Copy the key questions individually into the report and answer them in the paragraph below.
In the case of research internships, the internship report (as an answer to question 1) should also briefly describe the theoretical background and the derivation of the hypothesis (s) as well as the presentation of the method, the findings and their interpretation.

Where and by when should I submit the certificate and report?

Please bring the complete documents (original internship certificate) with you to the agreed date. Send the internship report to the internship officer by email at least 1 week before your colloquium.

When, where and how does the colloquium work?

The colloquium only takes place during the lecture period takes place and lasts a maximum of 10 minutes (by appointment, see above for dates). Please register for this in advance and make sure that the internship officer has received your report by email at least one week before the agreed date. For the colloquium, you should be able to read through your report again beforehand and comment on it if necessary. There are no grades (only passed / not passed).

How and when do I get the credit points for my internship or my compensation?

For credit points to be awarded, you must register via HIS-LSF and complete the colloquium. At the end of the semester, the internship officer will submit all relevant documents directly to the examination office for you, so that the management points can be entered for you at the end of the respective semester.

Who is responsible for the recognition of internships in the Bachelor or Diploma?

The recognition of internships in the bachelor's or diploma is done by Mr. Ralph Woschée.