What words rhyme with courage

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ReimBuch is a digital, German rhyming dictionary for quickly and easily finding suitable rhyming words.

With ReimBuch you will find the right rhyming word for your verses in the poem, your lyrics or your speech in a flash.

Simply enter any term (or alternatively just the ending of a term) in the search field above and click on "Find rhyme!". Subsequently, appropriate rhyming proposals appear. Have fun rhyming!

Writer's block? Try the right rhyme for courage!

The ReimBook is also available as an app for your iPhone and iPad with numerous functions such as voice notes, notebook and bookmarks!

The ReimBuch - App for iPhone and iPad

The 'ReimBuch' app is a small, simple helper for the creative use of texts.

It is the ideal tool for creative professionals looking for a suitable rhyming word to complete a verse in a musical text, poem, or other text. The application is also a source of inspiration, which can be used to bridge gaps in creativity and generate completely new lines of thought.

After entering a term, you immediately get an overview of existing rhyme suggestions, which are sorted according to the number of syllables and displayed in a text window. There is no need to scroll down forever, as the results are displayed in a bundle.

Navigation is simplified by functions such as the history overview, which allows viewing and navigating through the 11 most recent results. A term can be saved in a favorites list by pressing the asterisk key. A random number generator can display random, rhyming blocks of data.

The 'Notebook' function offers the possibility of writing down new ideas (your own rhymes, entire text passages or lyrics) immediately in the Rhyming Book and saving them.

Voice memo function: You have a great idea and don't want to lose the associated speech rhythm in the written note? Or do you just don't have the time or inclination to laboriously type your texts into your device? The voice notes function allows uncomplicated sound recording and playback. From now on you can even play a track from your music library while recording, for example to stay in the rhythm!

The clean, hand-held database is constantly being expanded. You can also send me new suggestions via an in-app mail function, which I can make available to all users very quickly using the "Load database" function. Of course, every app update still includes the latest database.

No internet connection required for using the app!

A brief overview:

- very easy to use
- lightning-fast offline database
- 'Notebook' function
- 'Voice memo' function for sound recording and playback
- Playback of a track from your music library even while recording!
- Clickable alternative suggestions in footnotes
- History overview
- Favorites list (bookmarks)
- Random generator function
- In-app mail - support
- 'Load database' function for manual updating