Who is the rudest celebrity in Hollywood

Top 20: The Most Hated Celebrities in the World

Just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you're popular. On the contrary: Often one attracts a lot of hatred through being in the media and the presence associated with it. A VIP who knows their way is Kristen Stewart! After her affair with married director Rupert Sanders, she was down with many fans.

The other stars in the picture gallery have not only made fans with their statements and actions and are among the most unpopular celebrities in the world.

These celebs aren't just liked

Paris Hilton isn't exactly a popular celebrity. The reason? She was caught on the streets of L.A. without a license in 2007. She was sent to prison for 45 days for this. Ultimately, however, she was allowed out again after 23 days.

Her Barbie style, the bad looks and the dirty film scandal did not make the hotel heiress more popular. And a former Disney star is also on our list of the most hated celebrities in the world.

With her shrill manner Miley Cyrus occupies a place in the top 20. She gained fame through the Disney series "Hannah Montana". A few years ago she shed her Disney image and became a rebel. Not everyone thought her provocative nude appearances were great.