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Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile - What the SkyCure Acquisition Means for You

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In the webinar you will learn:
• How SEP Mobile combines crowd-based threat information with endpoint and server-based analyzes to reliably and proactively stop known and unknown mobile threats
• How the solution detects malware, network-based threats and exploits at the application and OS level - both on iOS and Android devices, whether online or offline
• How to use predictive analytics to assess suspicious networks and applications before they damage the network
• How quickly and easily onboarding works using native iOS and Android apps and how you can interlink the solution with your existing EMM, MDM, SIEM, IAM and VPN environments
In addition, we will tell you what the further roadmap for integrating the SkyCure products into our existing portfolio looks like and give you a brief overview of all the other important innovations in our portfolio.

Attacks on mobile devices are increasing rapidly: more and more often, attackers are using tailor-made malware and advanced persistent threats to compromise smartphones and tablets and thus gain access to sensitive data or company networks.
Symantec is responding to these increasing security requirements with the acquisition of the mobile security specialist SkyCure - and is now integrating its innovative technology into the market-leading endpoint security portfolio as Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile (SEP Mobile).

We look forward to you!
RecordedNov 21 201752 mins
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Alexander Peters, Symantec (Germany) GmbH; Sven von Kreyfeld, Symantec (Germany) GmbH
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  • Red alert: The current effects of the shortage of skilled workers in the IT-SEC.Recorded: Aug 23 201934 mins
    Lars Kroll, CISM, CISSP - Cyber ​​Strategist Symantec (Deutschland) GmbH
    Cyber ​​attacks are more sophisticated than ever. Most people are only familiar with large-scale hacker attacks
    from the television. For cybersecurity experts, today's aggressive threat landscape is a daily reality. Your task? A seemingly endless sequence of attacks by professional, great
    equipped, highly motivated and experienced attackers to stop.

    What is the Red Alert Series?
    The studies in the “Red Alert” series are based on a survey of over 3,000 cybersecurity decision-makers in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The survey results were provided by Dr. Chris Brauer, Director of Innovation
    at Goldsmiths, University of London, and enriched with the experience of leading CISOs. The “Red Alert” series gives you a comprehensive overview of cybersecurity in 2019 - and helps you to keep control of your IT at all times.

    We will devote four chapters to various cybersecurity issues. Our findings, analyzes and recommendations should help you to implement a viable cybersecurity for the cloud generation. In this way you protect the good reputation of your company, secure the trust of your customers, avoid expensive fines and make the most of your budget and resources. In the coming months we will deal with four topics. In this webcast, we discuss the first two study results:
    • Red Alert Chapter 1: The Chain of Unfortunate Circumstances
    • Red Alert Chapter 2: Skills
    in the crisis

    Further webcasts on this topic are in preparation:
    * Red Alert Chapter 3: After the attack
    * Red Alert Chapter 4: The security landscape of the future

    Benefit from insightful new information and analyzes - and find out which alternative Symantec, as the market leader, offers you to reduce the complexity of your security in the long term.
  • The results of the Symantec Internet Threat Security Report (ISTR), Volume 24 Recorded: Mar 19 201963 mins
    Candid Wüest (Sr. Threat Researcher at Symantec); Thomas Hemker (CISSP, CISM, CISA)
    Symantec Internet Security Threat Report: Cyber ​​Criminals Steal Millions Using Formjacking; rely on destructive malware and prepare for cyber warfare -
    a serious threat to businesses and consumers

    This latest Symantec Threat Report shows an increasing number of ambitious, destructive and insidious attacks on companies:

    • Almost every tenth attack group that carries out targeted attacks uses destructive malware, thereby stopping business processes. That number increased by 25% compared to 2017
    • Cyber ​​criminals optimize proven tactics, including spear phishing, hijacking legitimate tools, and malicious email attachments. Living of the Land (LotL) and supply chain attacks remain a significant threat. The use of malicious Powershell scripts increased by 1,000% in the past year
    • Ransomware infections increased by twelve percent in companies

    • Cloud resources are increasingly becoming easy targets for digital thieves: More than 70 million records from poorly configured S3 public cloud storage buckets have been stolen or tapped

    • An increasing number of attackers are compromising operational systems and industrial control systems (ICS) in order to potentially prepare for cyber warfare
  • This is how the ROYAL BANK of CANADA solves the requirements for Mobile SecurityRecorded: Nov 8 201829 mins
    Michael Mauch, CTO & Analyst Relations
    This webcast takes up the content in German language, which was published by
    of the Royal Bank of Canada entitled:
    "Ensuring that your Mobile Threat Management
    Platform fits your priorities "was published.

    -In the original:

    Businesses of all sizes are wary of the added risk that comes from the use of mobile devices and are struggling to figure out the best strategies to protect their sensitive information.

    Attend this webcast to hear the advice from experienced security professionals who have successfully navigated the path to protect their businesses from mobile threats.

    Hear from Brian Jacome, Director of Applications and Controls from Royal Bank of Canada and learn about his journey and get answers to the following questions and more:

    - Why is it important to secure mobile devices?
    - What is your advice to your peers who are starting their mobile security journey?
    - What are the most important requirements of a mobile security solution?

    By the end of this webcast, you will have gained important advice and perspective from those who have gone before you and are able to sleep better at night.

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  • Symantec CASB - Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) - CLOUD SECURITYRecorded: Oct 22 201859 mins
    Martin Krömer, Regional Director CEEUR Cloud Security, Symantec (Deutschland) GmbH
    Use cloud applications and services securely while keeping your company safe, secure, and compliant.
    Gain insight into shadow IT, control over your data in cloud applications, and protection against threats targeting cloud user accounts with the solution that Forrester calls a "Leader" in the field of cloud security gateways.
  • Next Generation Endpoint Protection - Gartner EPP MQ Report 2018Recorded: Sep 27 201868 mins
    Olaf Mischkowsky (CISSP, CCSK, AWS C SA); Zvezdan Bogdanovic (Territory Sales Manager)
    Gartner positions Symantec in the Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms as a leader in execution and vision.

    The EPP MQ report for 2018 contains numerous new recommendations for functionalities that are required or desirable in an EPP solution in response to changing market dynamics and changing customer needs.

    The report will show you which EPP solution, according to Gartner, offers the best protection technologies.
  • How companies protect themselves from a number of new attack vectorsRecorded: Sep 26 201857 mins
    Andre Engel and Lars Kroll Symantec
    Cyber ​​criminals and professional attackers invest a lot of time and effort in identifying new points of attack and perfecting existing attacks. For example, worms have been celebrating a revival since WannaCry - and are increasingly spreading aggressively in company networks. As the number of vulnerabilities on desktop PCs is steadily decreasing, attackers are increasingly looking for new channels and platforms to infect systems - and are increasingly opting for IoT-based systems.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    • What new forms of attack cybercriminals use to enrich themselves today
    • Which new attack vectors companies need to protect themselves from
    • What dangers threaten in IoT environments
    • What targeted attacks companies have recently been exposed to
  • Messaging Security - Protecting your email in the cloud and on-siteRecorded: Sep 19 201862 mins
    Ramin Ghassemi, Hakan Arslanboga
    Email is the lifeline of your company, but also one of the most common gateways for targeted attacks. The convenience offered by Office 365, Gmail, and other cloud-based productivity tools makes your business more vulnerable. Protect it from even the most complex threats with our messaging security platform for cloud-based and on-premises email.
  • Symantec Web and Cloud Security - Secure Web Gateway (SWG) Recorded: Aug 29 201836 mins
    Dr. Michael Teschner, Michael Straschydlo
    Symantec is redefining web and cloud security. We have integrated advanced threat protection, CASB SaaS controls, web risk and data security into our web gateway solutions (formerly BLUE COAT) to offer you an easy way to use cloud applications and architectures securely.
    This gives you a true hybrid architecture of universal guidelines with which you can control the cloud usage of all users via a cloud-based web security service, highly scalable virtual appliances for private and public clouds and a comprehensive selection of on-premises appliances
  • Minimize the impact of a cyber attack with 24x7 monitoringRecorded: Jul 31 201840 mins
    Nicole Groke (Enterprise Account Manager) & Lars Kroll (Cyber ​​Security Strategist)
    Symantec Managed Security Services - Minimize the impact of a cyber attack through 24x7 monitoring by our experts, who continuously analyze the threat situation.

    Get to know Symantec Managed SIEM (Managed SOC) + Incident Response Services and discuss your long-term and possibly cost-intensive SIEM approaches with our experts.
  • Symantec Control & Compliance Suite - Automate compliance processesRecorded: Jul 13 201852 mins
    Armin Schneider; Olaf Mischkovsky
    Symantec Control & Compliance Suite - Automate compliance processes, create transparency and save valuable time

    Symantec Control Compliance Suite provides business-critical security and risk intelligence that you can use to effectively prioritize security, IT operations, and compliance. Evaluations are carried out continuously and automatically. This gives you a complete overview of security controls and security gaps. This enables you to harden the data center, prioritize resolution of security incidents, securely migrate to a software-defined data center, and support ongoing cyber security assessments and monitoring
  • The deadline. The GDPR implementation is only just beginning. Recorded: May 23 201855 mins
    Thomas Hemker and Alexander Peters
    The GDPR is here! If you are not prepared now, it can cost you dearly.

    The countdown for GDPR implementation ends on May 25th. From then on, new legal provisions for the protection of sensitive customer data will apply - for all companies that process, store or pass on personal data of EU citizens, regardless of whether they are based in or outside the EU. The GDPR defines strict rules for handling critical data, and it is far from easy to ensure compliance. In addition, the provisions come into force immediately - and high fines are threatened if they are violated.

    Talk to the Symantec Experts!
    • Find out what GDPR means to you - and what to do in the event of an attack
    • We help you to correctly assess risks and give you tips for the time after the introduction.
    • What else can you expect? Everything about the upcoming legal innovations
    • Stay up to date at all times
  • The clock is ticking: set the course for a successful GDPR implementationRecorded: May 15 201861 mins
    Symantec, Alexander Peters
    Act now - and set the course for a successful GDPR implementation

    Don't waste any time - the GDPR will come in a few months. But how can you actively prepare for it? In the webinar
    ‘Another 90 days until the GDPR’, the Symantec experts will give you a lot of practical tips for implementation.

    It doesn't matter how far along you are with your preparation today: In the webinar you will find out where you are currently and receive clear, action-relevant tips in good time before the deadline in May.

    Don't take any chances - sign up today.

    Before attending the webinar, if you have not already done so, you should also complete IDC's GDPR Readiness Assessment
    complete. It will help you assess how far your preparation has progressed.

    To the assessment • http: // Utm = aI638CIsFU

  • Get all your questions on GDPR answeredRecorded: Apr 24 201860 mins
    Sunil Choudrie, Giampiero Nanni, Robert Arandjelovi, Alexander Peters, Ramses Gallego
    Do you have a burning question you'd like to ask about the GDPR? Now you have a chance to get an answer - straight from the experts. We’ll be hosting a live Q&A with a panel of GDPR experts. And with the clock ticking down to the May 25th deadline, this is a perfect opportunity to get the answers you need.

    The discussion will enable you to successfully prepare for the GDPR by:

    • Understanding its full implications for your organization
    • Identifying and tracking personal data, wherever it may be
    • Implementing cyber security to protect your data systems
    • Detecting and responding effectively to security breaches
    • Building a GDPR compliance program for the long term

    Get all your questions answered and ensure you're ready for May 25th by joining our Q&A.
  • "Findings from the latest Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) 2018" Recorded: Apr 12 201861 mins
    Candid Wuest and Alexander Peters
    Don't miss the opportunity to chat with leading Symantec analysts on the latest 2018 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR).
    Get deep insights into the topics:

    - The gold rush of the crypto mines
    - The changing trend of ransomware infections
    - Details about targeted cyber attacks
    - Risk of infection from software updates
    - The wave of mobile and IoT threats continues
  • How far are you in implementing the GDPR requirements? Recorded: Feb 1 201862 mins
    Paul Voigt, Lic. En Derecho, CIPP / E (Lawyer & Abogado) / Alexander Peters (Symantec)
    Security & data protection is a top priority!
    Guest: Paul Voigt, Lawyer & Abogado,
    Lic. En Derecho, CIPP / E

    Despite the flood of information on the subject of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the new Federal Data Protection Act - which will come into force on May 25, 2018 - many companies are far behind schedule and believe that not much will change. Unfortunately, this is a wrong perception.

    In the webcast we will discuss how you can ensure in 10 steps that you meet the new requirements and which Symantec technologies can help you with this.

    More information on GDPR: open HERE

    1.Overview of legal situation; Core topics of the EU GDPR; Myths & important dates
    2. Most important steps to adapt to the new requirements
    3. An overview of what Symantec can do to help you:
    • GDPR-specific risk assessment using the Control Compliance Suite (CCS)
    • Know what data you really have, where it is stored, who is accessing it and how it can be used
    • Accurately assess where there is a risk of data theft and misuse
    • Use data loss prevention to protect complex, sensitive data in structured and unstructured environments
    • Complete transparency of your shadow IT
    Assessment of your protection technologies: are they state-of-the-art?

    Paul Voigt, Lic. En Derecho, CIPP / E
    Lawyer & Abogado
    Specialist lawyer for information technology law

    Paul Voigt is a lawyer with the international law firm Taylor Wessing. He has proven expertise in IT contract law, data protection law and IT security law. Paul Voigt advises start-up companies as well as medium-sized and global corporations in a practical and business-oriented manner. Most of his mandates have an international dimension.
Current threat situation, attack vectors, IT security methods
Find out interesting news from the field of IT security and exchange ideas with local industry experts from Symantec and interesting guests from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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We look forward to your suggestions for topics that have not yet been addressed!

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