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Sunday newspaper

Issue 321 | 7th year 07. July 2019

OB candidate

The board of the SPD city association

beats the 27 year old

Business lawyers Andreas

Zippel as a candidate for the

Mayor election before.

This morning is the official one


Children's University

"Are there real lightsabers?"

is the question,

with which the KinderUni am

Wednesday, July 10th, at a

Event with a physics professor

Georg Herink is concerned.

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"Franconian Day" at the citizens' festival

From 10 a.m. morning pint with Siggi Stadter and the Franconian trio

Today's edition includes a supplement of

Parts of today's edition include a supplement of


Factory outlet china factory Factory outlet china factory WALKÜRE


Factory outlet Gravenreutherstr. Porcelain factory Gravenreutherstr. 5 | 95445 WALKÜREBayreuth

5 | 95445 Bayreuth

Gravenreutherstr. 5 | 95445 Bayreuth



OPENING HOURS: Mon.-Fri. 09.00-17.00 Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. | Sat 10 a.m.-1 p.m. | Sat. o'clock

10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Mon-Fri 9 am-5pm | Sat 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Civic festival opening on Friday: Mayor Brigitte Merk-Erbe, BMTG managing director

* APPLIES TO 19.07.2019

Dr. Manuel Becher, speaker Lucca Piaggi from the twin town La Spezia and translator Catia

Lomma (from left), escorted by active members of the medieval group "Baieruther Katzbalgerey". Photo: S. Dörfler

BAYREUTH. Not just in Sonneberg

and Neustadt near Coburg

today is "Franconian Day",

also on the Bayreuth

There is a civic festival in

Court of honor in front of the tax office

a "Franconian Day".

Presented by the Bayreuth

Sunday newspaper, Radio Mainwelle

and the FABRIK club

starts the program at 10

Clock with a real Franconian

Weißwurst early pint.

For mood and fun

take care of entertainer Siggi

Stadter and the Franconian trio.

Under the motto “Back to

the roots ”promises Siggi

Stadter with the audience

“Real, handmade music

without electricity".

At lunchtime there is presented

by Georg Schmitt and his

Team of the restaurant "Sudpfanne"

as well as the Storchenkeller

in Oberkonnersreuth,

original Franconian roast dishes,

among other things too

Duck with dumplings.

From 12.30 p.m. it will then be called

on the stage in the courtyard

“Radio Mainwelle live” with Hermann

Zeitler, Bernd Rasser

and Christian Höreth.

Culinary will be on

Afternoon to the visitors

various Franconian snacks

offered. At 2:30 p.m. it will

it is magical, then starts

namely a "magic show"

with the young, highly talented one

and meanwhile after

inspiring performances internationally

well-known magician

Tobias Campoverde.

Highlight of the program

in the afternoon is then

at 3 p.m. the performance of the

"Bayernmän", one of the leading

Party bands in Germany.

The "Bayernmän" are one

Professional band from Northern Bavaria, consisting

from five musicians with

together more than 100 years

Stage experience.

They are one of the top bands

in the party and Oktoberfest scene,

among other things is the

Band for four years on the

Oktoberfest in Munich booked.

Their repertoire is peppered with

the best hits of the 1980s through

today, top titles from the current ones

Charts, heavy folk music,

ultimate parties and après-ski

Hits as well as hit classics from all of them

Epochs. There is only a lot left

Wish fun! rs

Now with

Slot machines

Motorway exit Bad Berneck

Himmelkron • Tel. 09273/92660

WORLD FIRST - Now with us:

Virtual reality booth




The MesserMo

Since 1989

Knife and cutter grinder







08.07. up to and including


Celebrate with us




Visit us for the open day.

July 13th 2019, 9.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m., Theodor-Schmidt-Str. 19/25, 95448 Bayreuth

You can expect interesting insights into the diverse technology solutions of a global company.

Sufficient culinary delicacies are provided.

July 27th 2019 Current BayreuthSunday newspaper

Your right on Sunday


Topic: Support for parents who are not married to each other

Over the past few years

the forms of coexistence

of families rapidly

changed. The proportion of

born out of wedlock

Children has grown considerably

increased. As a consequence,

that the care maintenance claim

to §

1615 lBGB much more practical

Increased importance


Lawyer and specialist lawyer

for family law Michael

Schadlich, F.E.L.S,

provides the most important content

this claim.

Illegitimate partners

are fundamental to each other

not subject to maintenance, as far as

they are not contractual

Maintenance arrangements for the

Duration of coexistence

or for the time after termination

meet the community.

A claim to maintenance

but according to §

1615 LBGB if out of the relationship

a child emerges.

So much for the mother's sake

the care and upbringing of the

Child an employment

cannot be expected is

the father then has to pay maintenance.

The maintenance obligation

begins four months at the earliest

before birth and exists

for at least three years

after birth. It can be extended

be as long as and

as far as it is fair.

There are in particular

the child's concerns

and the existing possibilities

childcare too


The rule includes four too

distinguishing maintenance facts:

a. Maintenance on occasion

of birth

According to this, the father of the unmarried

Mother for that

Duration of six weeks before

and eight weeks after

Child support

to grant. The maintenance claim

ensures that the

Mother none during this period

Must pursue acquisition.

Relevant for the calculation

is the likely one

Due date.

b. Pregnancy and

Childbirth costs

The right to payment of the

through pregnancy

or childbirth arising

required costs

is not limited in time. It

but is for this claim

Causality required. Refundable

are all with the


Costs (e.g.

Doctor, midwife, clinic, etc.)

as well as through pregnancy

or through delivery

arising further necessary

Expenses (e.g.

Pregnancy gymnastics

and wardrobe). The claim

for reimbursement of the costs

for the initial baby kit

however, it cannot be replaced.

The mother's need

and with it the

Appropriateness of expenses

depends on her

Position in life.

c. Child support due to pregnancy

or illness

Can the mother of an employment

not comply

because they result from pregnancy

or one through the

Pregnancy or the

Caused childbirth

Illness incapable of doing so

is, the father is obliged

To provide maintenance. The causation

between underserved

Gainful employment and

the consequences or complications


or delivery is sufficient.

The claim fails

however, when unemployment

is conditioned by a

pregnancy independent

Illness or the mother

even before pregnancy

was unemployed.

d. Care maintenance of the

unmarried parent

This maintenance claim is

of great practical importance.

The maintenance claim

continues taking care of the child

by the mother ahead.

The caring, not married

Parent, has if present

Neediness in the

first three years of life of the

Child is always entitled to maintenance.

After the three years

is an extension of the claim

possible as long as

and as far as this is fair

corresponds in individual cases. The

Supervision of one to three

Year old toddler

an unmarried parent

is an obligation to work

opposite. The mother is

not on outside care

to refer. she must

do not provide evidence

that they are not or only limited

is employed because

the child is otherwise cared for

can be.

So that is the supervisor

Parent for at least three

Years after the birth of the

Dependent child.

This period is extended

for reasons of equity,

especially when the concerns

of the child and the existing

Childcare options

require this.

The mother's position in life

determines their maintenance needs.

The measure of too

granting alimony

therefore according to one's position in life

the mother

the birth of the child. At the

Position in life of the father

takes the mother

not part. So the mother has to

explain their needs in concrete terms.

This means that in the

Rule of the loss of earnings

Mother of the yardstick for the determination

their need is. Has

she earned earnings before birth

achieved, you are directed

Need for your then

Income. To the needs of the

Mother also count the cost

health and long-term care insurance,

but not that

Retirement provision.

As a measure of height

of alimony for a illegitimate

Mother without previous

Gainful employment

can the necessary personal needs

one who is not employed

currently in the amount of monthly

880 euros are used

become. That is limited

Entitlement to maintenance by the mother

through the actual performance

the father's under

Observance of the reasonable

Deductible to him

must remain, in the amount of

currently 1,200 euros.

When the father takes care of the child,

he has the right to care maintenance


Michael Schädlich


Specialist lawyer for family law,

Specialist lawyer for rental and

Condominium law

F.E.L.S lawyers

Bayreuth GbR

Löhestrasse 11

95444 Bayreuth

Tel .: +49 921 7566-290

Fax: +49 921 7566-120

Mail: [email protected]

turned against as shown

the mother too.

The assertion of

Maintenance claims is

sometimes very complex. The

Consultation of a competent

Family lawyer

helps to avoid costly mistakes.

BAYREUTH. To his 25 year old

The choir has existed

“Lingua musica” from Pegnitz

together with the singer

and actress Rebecca

Brinkmann and the choir director

Michael Starke the musical

The choir “Lingua musica” will perform the musical “Joseph” in the Erlöserkirche on July 13th

"Joseph and the amazing technicolor

dreamcoat ”from Andrew

Lloyd Webber and TimRice

from 1972 re-staged.

On Saturday, July 13th,

at 8 p.m., the musical will be

now in the Erlöserkirche, Hans-

Meiser-Strasse 1, in Bayreuth


The Joseph story forms the basis

in Genesis,

Chapters 37 to 50 about Joseph,

one of the 12 sons of Jacob,

the –of his brothers

cast out - in Egypt at court

the Pharaoh's career

because with God's help he dreams

can interpret.

The musical about Josefs

Moving life offers a broad one

Range of modern

Jobs & careers

musical styles and

thus brings a high level of

Variety. Fully aware

are these echoes from Webber

to the most diverse

musical styles used,

for example when the pha-

rao staged as Elvis

becomes. Soloists are Rebecca

Brinkmann, Alexander Krüger,

Christian Haag, Birgit Starke,

Ilka Matthey and Lisa Lottes.

Entry at the box office 15

Euros, reduced 13 euros. rs

Even more choice for your career

You can find it in our city portal at Now also on -Jobs & Careers



We are looking for a well-known client property

the consumer goods industry in Bayreuth several

Experienced employees (m / f / d) in property protection.


• Reception and gate service

• Personal and car access controls

• Operation of alarm systems

• Inspection rounds for integrity and closure

• Initiation of measures when identifying particulars

Incidents and their documentation


• at least Instruction according to §34a GewO (competence examination desirable)

• Police clearance certificate without entry

• First aid course is an advantage

• Reliability & resilience

• Ability to work in a team, flexibility and willingness to work

• Suitability for shift work

Become now

Newspaper delivery

We are looking for reliable newspaper deliverers

(from 18 years) on Sunday morning for

the following areas:



Aroused interest?

apply online

goes faster!


• an open-ended employment relationship

• punctual payment of wages

• extensive training opportunities

• a responsible position full-time

•Corporate Health Management


You are welcome to send us your comprehensive and complete application documents

quoting the reference number 20-0021-6 and your earliest possible date

Starting dates BY E-MAIL TO [email protected]

OR BY POST TO: NWS Sicherheitsservice GmbH, Fraunhoferstraße

10, 90409 Nuremberg.


Sunday newspaper


Radio play CD:


Opera house

Available from now on.




Sunday newspaper

圀 椀 爀 栀 攀 氀 昀 攀 渀

䈀 愀 礀 爀 攀 甀 琀 栀

Unbureaucratic help for children

in special emergency situations.


IBAN: DE02 7601 0085 0101 5288 57

4 July 7th 2019 Events BayreuthSunday newspaper

Your regional event calendar

You can find all the popular dates in our

City portal at Follow us

"Gospel Voices"

Concert on July 12th in the Sophienhöhle

Experience the latest technology up close

50 years of the Stäubli company in Bayreuth - "Open House"

BAYREUTH. On Saturday 13.

July, the mechatronics celebrates

Specialist Stäubli with one

"Open House" that

50 years of existence of his

Location on the Theodor

Schmidt-Strasse 19 im Bayreuth

Industrial area.


"Gospel Voices" from Baiersdorf

take on Friday,

July 12, at 8 p.m. in the

Sophienhöhle the concert guests

with an exciting one

Journey into the multi-faceted

World of gospel music.

The "Gospel Voices" are a

Gospel choir, consisting of

26 singers.

In her hometown of Baiersdorf

in the greater Nuremberg-Erlangen area

have the

"Gospel Voices" about many

Years that far

beyond the borders of Baiersdorf

well-known Gospel Open

Air with over 1,500 listeners

hosted. Performances abroad

happened again and again,

among others in the Czech Republic,

Georgia and Ireland.

Before the cave concert

available at 6 p.m. on reservation

a concert menu in

Castle restaurant of Rabenstein Castle.

Maps under phone

09202/9700440. rs / red

From 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. the

Manufacturer of robots, textile machines

and coupling technology

exciting insights into

its site history that

Product development and assembly.

Visitors do not experience

only industrial robots in action,

but explore the complexity

of today's textile machines

and try out clutch technology

for the industry itself.

With a carpet auction

reminds Stäubli of its roots

in the textile industry and

gives the guests the chance

to get hold of one of the unique items.

A racing car and a motor

There will be a lot of interesting things at the Stäubli Company's “Open Day” next Saturday

to see.

Photo: red

rad allow motorsport fans

a look at the Stäubli-

Technology under the cladding.

In addition to other promotions

and attractions for children is

of course also for that

physical well-being taken care of. student

and students can join as well

about the entry opportunities

inform Stäubli.

Stäubli was founded in 1892 as

small business in Zurich / Horgen

founded and is today

a global company

based in Pfäffikon,


The family business

maintains 14 industrial production plants,

is in 29 countries

with sales and service

societies present and has

also representations in

50 countries.

With 5,500 employees

the innovative one

Provider of mechatronic solutions

an annual turnover

of over 1.3 billion

Swiss franc. red / rs

Drive to "Madame Butterfly"

BAYREUTH / HOF. The town

Bayreuth also offers to perform

of the opera “Madame

Butterfly ”by Giacomo Puccini

today sunday, 7.

July, at 6 p.m., in the theater

Hof a free bus transfer

to the court.

Puccini referred to the Japanese

Tragedy as his "am

deepest felt and most inventive "

Opera. The premiere

was a flop today

belongs to "Madame Butterfly"

the most successful works

of musical theater.

Start the performance

Buses at 4.30 p.m. at Luitpoldplatz

before the new building of the

Savings bank. The buses are standing

ready from 4 p.m. For every

advertised ticket will be a place in

kept ready for the buses.

The transfer to Hof and again

back is in the regular admission price

included and included

additionally a program booklet.

The "entry" on the buses

takes over the familiar

and proven staff of the

City Hall. After the performance

stand upon arrival

in Bayreuth at Luitpoldplatz

free theater buses for

the transfer in the city area ready.

Cards in the online shop of

Theaters Hof at www.

rs / red

Water theme

BAYREUTH. In conclusion

of family day

occurs in the Wilhelminenaue

the concert choir “musica

vocalis ”on the coming

Sunday 14 July at 17

Clock with "songs from the water"


At the summer concert

is water as a metaphor

for ease and depth in

Life and love.

About water, springs,

There are countless streams and lakes

Toning more enjoyable,

more serious and sad


Under the direction of Uta

The choir sings acapella slowly

Compositions from the most diverse

Areas and



Reader trips 2019

Barcelona - Mediterranean beauty

Travel period

24.10. –27.10.2019

p.P. in a double room € 885, -

50 years of the Holy Spirit

Theater afternoon on Sunday 14.07.

BAYREUTH. September 1st

In 1969 the Bamberg

Archbishop Dr. Joseph

Tailor the Bayreuth

Catholic Parish Holy

Geist in the district of Sankt Georgen

built. Therefore celebrate

the parish this year

the year of the 50th anniversary.

This anniversary year will be accompanied

of an annual program

with special god

services, lecture series, trips

and concerts.

So takes place on the coming

Sunday, July 14th, at 5 p.m.

an afternoon at the theater

the motto “Such a theater in

Holy Spirit ”instead.

The performers are actors

from the community below

directed by Antonia Meyer,

accompanied by Ulf Hertel on the piano.

Entry is free to

Donations are requested.

rs / red

Open air in Pottenstein

"Hübnotix" and the "Velvet voices"

Included in the price:

• Transfer from Bayreuth / Pegnitz to Munich Airport and back

• Flights with Lufthansa from Munich to Barcelona and back in economy class

• 3 nights in the 3 *** Hotel Silken St. Gervasi

• 3x breakfast in the hotel

• Transfers to and from Barcelona Airport

• Orientation trip on day 1

• Full day city tour of Barcelona

• Entrance to the Sagrada Familia

• German-speaking local city guide

Information, booking & implementation:

Courier Reisen GmbH, Opernstr. 22, 95444 Bayreuth

Tel. 0921 8850, [email protected]

POTTENSTEIN. "Rock History

unplugged "with" Hübnotix "

and the "Velvet voices" there

it on Saturday July 13th at

8 p.m. at the Open Air on

Pottenstein adventure rock.

Presented for many years

"Hübnotix" reinterpretations

of rock and cult songs

Pop history and has

thus the reputation as excellent

Live band earned. The

Open air concerts of the Bayreuth

Formation in Pottenstein

have long been a firm

Part of the regional calendar of events.

This year stand

two spectacular innovations

on the program,

because the concert takes place at

first time before the unique

Backdrop of the skywalk on the

Adventure rocks instead and the

Band shares the stage

the Velvet Voices (picture). This

are the four top-class

Singers Melanie Büttner,

Lisa Herold, Emilie Carra and

Elisa Fuchs with her extraordinary


Tickets are available at all known

Ticket agencies,

at and

at the box office. rs

BayreuthSunday newspaper

Currently July 7th 2019 7

New management team

Change of presidency at the Rotary Club of Bayreuth Hermitage

BAYREUTH. In the orangery

and castle restaurant the

Hermitage found the most festive

Handover meeting of the Rotary

Club Bayreuth-Hermitage

instead of. Hanspeter Bittner handed over

the office to his successor

Rainer Saalfrank.

Looking back on his tenure,

went President Bittner

Recent projects of the club

Time one. One of the main focuses

was and is the organization

and funding the

Language training for young people,

ahead for migrants and

Refugee children. Currently

runs in cooperation with

University, a project at the

Luitpold School. Financial

V.l. Rainer Saalfrank, Hanspeter Bittner.

The club provides support

for teaching materials, theater visits

or excursions.

Language promotion should

start early. Approach is

the language skills of disadvantaged people

Small children

playful way to promote.

Cultural events were also held

and are funded. Further

Donations flowed from the

Photo: red

Establishment of the fitness garden

am Mühlbach, to the facility

a children's room in the women's shelter,

to equip a

School reading room in

Goldkronach or for realization

the insect-friendly

Natural garden in the Wilhelminenaue.

In the past year

became a higher five-digit

Amount distributed. red


Sunday newspaper

We are looking for

Newspaper delivery

from 18 years


Discover our city portal



TO PANIC. Training exchange

16th of July

No apprenticeship yet?

Opportunities at the employment agency in Bayreuth

training on Tuesday, July 16

BAYREUTH. Who in this

Start an apprenticeship year

would like, but not yet

Has a contract in his pocket,

is on July 16 from 14 to 17

Clock in the Bayreuth

Employment agency just right.

"Under the motto" #Training make clear "

do we have

almost 30 companies from the

Region in our house, the

apprenticeships still open for autumn

offer ”, explains

Birgit Obermaier, team leader

of the employer service.

Various employers

Sectors from industry,

Craft, service and

Healthcare, present

your current training

offer and look forward to

with the visitors

and visitors in casual

Non-bureaucratic atmosphere

to get into conversation.

There is the possibility

To arrange internships and

direct job interviews

respectively. Kristin Irrgang, deputy

Team leader of the

Bayreuth Career counseling

advises: “For a permanent one

To leave an impression

preferably enough short résumés

and certificates

bring along and clothes like

for an interview

choose. The first impression

counts. "

Career counselors and

Career counselors are available to everyone

Adolescents beyond that

for individual questions and

Conversations to the side. "Together

we can, for example, in

our job pool for others

open apprenticeships

look for or alternatives

and offers of support

discuss, ”explains Kristin Irrgang

The concept. Naturally

parents are also cordial