What is the name of Christmas in Canada

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Canada certainly doesn’t have to hide behind the USA in terms of its size. With its expansions, it is also a huge state that has both a variety of landscapes and a rich combination of natural beauties to offer. When it was settled, Germans, French, Scots and other nations divided the area among themselves and founded small towns. Over time, the cities and settlements mixed together, but the tradition has still been preserved. This is how you can travel around Canada today and find customs from all over the world. As the name of the island of Nova Scotia suggests, it was once founded by Scottish immigrants. Even today, the same songs are sung as they were 200 years ago and thus remembered the time of settlement. The city of Lunenburg is also located on this island and is adorned with the name "World Capital of the Christmas Tree". Thousands of Christmas trees are planted here every year and shipped to Mexico and the United States.

However, if you look at the two states of Canada and the USA from the economic side, the term “little brother” is more appropriate. It is therefore not surprising that some of the traditions and festivals in Canada originally come from the USA. You could even say that Christmas was only slightly adapted and exported to Canada. Both nations share a passion for fairy lights, kitsch Santa Clauses and other luminous figures. A strongly lit house can already be seen at a distance of a few kilometers. In Vancouver in particular, people look forward to lots of lights every year. Because that's where the Carolship Parade takes place. The spectacle shows decorated ships sailing across the river and attracting spectators from all over the world.

The family comes first among Canadians as well. Everything the relatives have to offer meets to eat together on the Christmas holidays. For this, one also likes to travel a few hours by car. After all, this is not uncommon in the vast state of Canada. On December 24th, Christmas Eve, there is roasted turkey and plum pudding on the dining table.

With all charity and sociability, Santa Claus should not be forgotten either. But the children make sure that he gets enough food and drink. Self-baked cakes and a little milk should give him strength on his long journey. The nine reindeer who bravely pull the sleigh get a carrot for it. The most popular here is Rudolph, who is considered the leader of the reindeer and can be described as "Made in Hollywood". In return, Santa feels the Christmas stockings, the so-called "stockings", which the children hang on the fireplace with presents. Isn't it a bad business?

So after the children are given presents, the family tradition is not over yet. Another meal is on the program on December 26th, “Boxing Day”. This holiday also exists in many other countries and there are many myths about the origin of the name. In Canada, it is said that the name comes from a box that the Church used to raise money for the needy.