Is there a film based on hackers

Coronavirus Binge List: Movies About Hacking and Cybersecurity

How many times have you wondered what to stream next during the corona shutdown? Are there any films, shows or series on Netflix, Sky Ticket, Amazon, Disney + or other streaming providers that you have not yet seen? Do you think you already know everything?

Then we can help you with part 2 of our film tips with true or fictional stories on the subject of hacking and cyber security. In Part 1 we put together some documentation about the Internet and cyber security - as an introduction to topics such as privacy, hackers, data breaches, etc. Today we will show you that all of this also plays a role in your everyday life.

The following films and series are all about hacking and cybersecurity. Some are based on real events, others are fictional. However, they all have one important message.

1. You - you will love me

The first season of the series "You" takes place in what is now New York. Serial killer Joe Goldberg works as the manager of a bookstore. When he developed an extremely toxic and delusional obsession with a young woman, he became an unscrupulous criminal out of love - not least with the help of social media. “You” addresses stalking and other dangers that the lack of privacy in our social media culture harbors. Chances are you'll delete your social media accounts completely after this series. In the future, you should at least think carefully about which personal information you share online.

2. Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies and Cyber ​​Attacks

This documentary is about the hacking scandal surrounding the online dating platform Ashley Madison (a portal for extramarital affairs). In 2015, hackers published the data of 27 million users of the portal on the Internet. Those affected were not only publicly exposed by disclosing their names, email addresses, addresses, sexual preferences and credit card details. The data leak also tore apart entire families and even drove people to suicide. In addition, the full extent of modern technology became clear: the vast majority of the “women” registered on the portal were actually robots.

You can view the complete documentation here:

3. Mr. Robot

First, let's clarify what you think about “Mr. Robot ”: unrealistic scenes in which an actor wildly beats the keyboard, speaks incomprehensible technical jargon about firewalls and then suddenly shouts:“ I'm in! ”. On the contrary: For the production of “Mr. Robot ”technical advisors were called in. The series deliberately focuses on realistically portraying topics such as information security and data protection for the general public. Now for the plot: Young Elliot works as a programmer during the day and becomes a hacker genius at night. One day the dubious leader of an underground organization assigns him to ruin the very company he is supposed to be protecting.

This series scores with a technically flawless and truthful presentation. An absolute must if you are interested in data protection and cyber security.

4. The Circle

Big Brother, microchip implants and mass surveillance have been criticized for several years. “The Circle” takes up these topics and deals with the importance of transparency and privacy. In this 2017 film, Emma Watson ("Harry Potter"), Tom Hanks ("Sully") and John Boyega ("Star Wars: The Force Awakens") star. Mae, played by Emma Watson, takes a job in the IT department of the world's largest and most powerful technology and social media company. The company founder convinces her to take part in an experiment that explores the limits of privacy, ethics and, ultimately, personal freedom.

5. Disconnect

The internet is playing an increasingly important role in our everyday life. The dangers that this development holds for us are much more far-reaching than the mere theft of our data. “Disconnect” from 2013 tells the viewer three different but interestingly interconnected stories from different people: a victim of cyberbullying, a lawyer who spends more time on a cell phone than with his family, and a couple whose secrets are kept to be revealed on the internet. Particularly interesting: The cause of the conflicts and relationships shown in the film are laptops, iPads and cell phones. "Disconnect" lets you look deep into the gap between relationships on the web and in real life.

6. Untraceable (2008)

This film portrays human greed for likes, sensations and entertainment in a ruthless way. An FBI special unit hunts a tech-savvy killer who posts videos of his victims on the Internet. The whole world can watch the victims die live via live stream, and the more people watch, the faster the victims die. How do you catch a murderer who can't be found?


7. 23 - Nothing is what it seems

This film with the grandiose August Diehl in the leading role is from 1998 and therefore a bit older. But it's a classic and even cult among some hacking fans. The film directed by Hans-Christian Schmidt (“Requiem”, “After Five in the Jungle”) is largely based on true events of the so-called KGB hack in the 1980s. In it, Diehl plays the hacker and conspiracy theorist Karl Koch, who, together with his friend David (Fabian Busch), begins to break into government and military computers. Driven by idealism, but also by increasing financial shortages and cocaine addiction, the two became spies for the KGB. Koch was one of the founding members of the Chaos Computer Club.

Some of the films and series presented are based on real events. Others, on the other hand, deal with real challenges we face in our online life. Of course, some films are a little more realistic than others. At least from today's perspective - 30 years ago nobody could have imagined what is possible today with technology.