Is there such a thing as fate

Dating: is it all fate or coincidence?

November 18, 2019 - 11:29 am

Is dating a matter of fate?

One of the very central questions about love is: How does it come to us? Will she be sent? From an authority called "Fate"? From a world leader whom we understand as God? Is love determined by the stars? Is it a certain Venus constellation that gives us happiness in love? Or is it mere chance that we cannot influence, that no one can influence? Or are we all alone responsible for our love life?

Do we just have to go out often enough, frolic in online dating portals, flirt in the supermarket to meet love? Let's go through the different possibilities: Those who believe in fate are dependent on its favor, cannot do anything to find fulfillment, can actually only wait, strictly speaking. Sounds comfortable, but also makes you feel fluffy.

Because you want to do something, your fingers itches to turn your fate wheel. That's a good thing, it keeps you awake and optimistic. Those who believe in God can turn to him and pray for his love. But: Nobody, no theologian knows whether God is really responsible for this worry that love is suddenly on the agenda in our lives. After all, there are much bigger things on earth that God has to take care of.

Trusting in God to have our wellbeing in mind is definitely productive. There is power.

Searching for a partner: mixture of fate and chance

Those who really only believe in themselves can do all kinds of activities. But if nothing happens, no matter what you do, it's a tremendous frustration and it gets you down. It is a blessing to put some of the responsibility outside of your own radius. A wise woman explained it to me like this: Man is a natural being by creation, he is dependent on coincidences. At the same time he is a metaphysical being, he is subscribed to what is behind nature, he is programmed to look at what is between heaven and earth. Faith Hope Love! That is the triad that counts.

If you find yourself in this division, you are on the safe side. Maybe it still takes longer until love is there. But you have courage, you know I can do something, and I do it too. But it is not in my hands alone. Uff. How relieving.

I find this mixture ingenious as well as comforting. Let's take an example: a woman sees a man on the bus. She notices it because she walks the world with open eyes. It is their merit. But why is he in the right place at the right time? Fate? God? Coincidence? It remains a mystery that cannot be fathomed. She doesn't dare to speak to him, he doesn't dare.

Now what comes into play is what I find elementary: people knit their own story. The woman could put her hands on her lap and think: Bad luck. Or get active! There are these portals on the net where you can look for someone you've seen on public transport. Go ahead and look for the man from the bus there! Good luck finding it. That in turn depends on chance. Perhaps the man fell in love in shock, unfortunately he does not know this type of portals. Off the mouse. Fate, coincidence? Everything goes hand in hand. The main thing is to do something for your happiness.

Do you know what I call it when you do something? Give fate a chance. This is the ultimate wisdom when it comes to finding love. Be open, trust, a higher being or chance. And then always get active yourself, follow up, fight. Bingo.

In this way love cannot fail you!

Your Birgit