Is eating from Chinese restaurants healthy?

Is Chinese Food Healthy?

Chinese food is fundamentally much healthier than many dishes in German or even American cuisine. Nevertheless, there are also some traps that are particularly important to avoid if you want to feast, but still pay attention to your health and weight. A normal Peking duck, for example, already has over 800 calories due to its breading and preparation, but there are many healthy alternatives.

Careful preparation, lots of vegetables and a healthy heat

Spicy food, as is often found in Chinese cuisine, stimulates the metabolism and thus promotes fat burning. This process is called thermogenesis in technical terms. By eating hot things like chilli, horseradish, ginger and pepper, the body heats up and uses more energy and thus more calories. The substances responsible for this include capsaicin, sinigrin, gingerol and peperin.

Basically, the Chinese eat twice as many vegetables and only half as much meat as we Germans. In addition to the ingredients, the way the Chinese celebrate their food is also healthy. If we were to learn something from this, it would also improve the food culture in this country. In China, people usually eat together and don't concentrate on anything else. So there is no television on by the way, and the cell phone is also put aside for a short time. In addition, eating with chopsticks avoids gobbling too quickly. In this way, the diverse aromas can be consciously experienced. In addition, it is easier to notice when the feeling of satiety occurs. So the next time you're cooking Chinese, it's best to have chopsticks on hand and really take your time to eat. If you eat Chinese regularly and want to continue eating healthily, you can do this with a few simple tricks:

  • Glass noodles instead of rice - people who want to lose weight can also leave out the side dish completely
  • Wok vegetables with meat or tofu instead of fried Peking duck
  • Fruit for dessert instead of fried ice cream

Chinese food is also often prepared very gently so that vitamins and minerals are preserved. For example, a tasty and healthy Chinese menu consists of:

  • Starter: glass noodle soup or steamed dim sums
  • Main course: stir-fried vegetables with glass noodles or straight
  • Dessert: fresh fruit

For everyone who likes to cook for themselves, a Chinese vegetable soup is a delicious and healthy alternative. Once cooked, it can still be consumed for the next few days and frozen well. Especially on cold days, it is the ideal dinner to warm up and at the same time strengthens the immune system. For those who are not at home in the culinary arts or simply do not have time to cook, delivery services like Lieferando offer a rich selection of Chinese food. By entering your own postcode, it is very easy to identify delivery services in the vicinity and to have food delivered to you without any complications. So everyone can enjoy Chinese cuisine.

Source: food monitor