Graduation after graduation is important for career growth

What is an MBA course? Cost of MBA programs

Ideally, students have different professional backgrounds, come from different industries and countries and should primarily learn from each other during their studies. MBA course contents are: general management, personnel management, sales, corporate strategy, marketing, finance and accounting. Creativity, time management, ethics, the ability to work in a team, dealing with social networks and interculturality are also important for managers and are therefore taught. There is no classroom teaching at the MBA. Case studies in small groups, simulation and business games as well as bringing in your own expertise in discussions dominate the continuing education courses. The language of instruction is usually English, as the majority of students in renowned MBA programs come from an international environment.

When it comes to an MBA, it's not just the title that counts, but also the reputation of the school and the overall package. Good business schools don't just have first-class professors. They also have good contacts with companies and provide their students with intensive support in their job search. And the better the job after graduation, the faster the study costs will amortize. The MBA has become one of the most important degrees for managers. Business schools are primarily to be found in the MBA mother country USA, but business schools in Europe also offer high quality MBA programs.

Bildungsdoc tip. It makes sense to start an MBA course only after a few years of professional experience. As an MBA student, you not only learn a lot from your lecturers, but also from the participants in your course. It is important that everyone has sufficient professional experience to be actively involved in the discussion groups. As a rule, the professional experience of MBA participants is between two to five years.