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Green wall maintenance procedures - how do we maintain vertical gardens?

21 10.2019

To keep plants - including those used on green walls - in good condition for as long as possible, we should care for them accordingly. At the same time, the idea of ​​vertical gardens is, among other things, that they are meant to meet the needs of people who do not have the time or desire to take care of the flowers on a regular basis. The systems we have installed are largely self-sufficient and require far less maintenance than normal potted flowers, but still need to be looked after from time to time. This is where our reliable service comes in. Find out more about how we care about green walls and what our services are about.


How often do we offer services?


Someone might think that our work includes project creation and execution and thus the creation and installation of a green wall at the customer's. In the meantime, after completing the installation, we have another responsible task ahead of us, namely helping with plant care. The first service we offer is included in the price of the vertical garden. We come to such an inspection a month after we plant flowers on the wall. This ensures that the plants will emerge well and check whether and how they will behave in the new environment. We check for new shoots and make sure the irrigation system is working properly and, if necessary, change the settings so that the flowers receive the ideal amount of water.


Further service work can be carried out at the request of our customers. This is not a mandatory feat, but it is certainly worth thinking about, especially since the cost of such an investment is small. Service technicians visit the implementation site once a month - an optimal frequency to keep their finger on the pulse and to react quickly to the smallest complications. The price for such a service is PLN 70 per square meter of the vertical garden. If the customer does not want to incur any additional costs, he can take care of the green wall himself. From time to time, plants are pruned and fertilized on the surfaces, and the humidity and the basic elements of the irrigation system are checked.


What do we do during our monthly service visit?


1. Cutting the plants

Pruning and cleaning individual plants is a key element in taking care of the green wall. We immediately remove any unattractive looking leaves, especially dried ones. We want to keep the structure of the vertical garden fairly compact - we want it to always be as beautiful as it was at the beginning. That's why we cut specimens that grow on top of other plants. Such an overgrowth of plants not only has an unaesthetic effect, but also threatens to deform them.


How do we cut plants? We start at the top of the green wall and then go down. The genera that require most of the work and constant monthly inspections include:

- climbing philodendron and climbing philodendron 'Brasil',

- Epipremnum 'N'Joy',

- Epipremnum golden,

- diamond-shaped cissus' Ellen Danicas,

- climbing ficus,

- Eschynantus,

- Monstera.


2. Fertilizing the plants

To do this, we use a built-in metering unit and special fertilizers for spray systems. If the wall model does not allow foliar fertilization, we use the traditional soil fertilization method during use.


3. Control of moisture content

Every month our service technicians check the moisture content of the plant substrate. In this way it is determined whether the irrigation system is optimally tailored to the needs of the individual specimens. If we notice any irregularities, we immediately change the length and frequency of watering.


4. Prevent plant diseases

During the service, we also monitor plants for possible pests or pathogens. If something deviates from the norm, we intervene immediately. Any bothersome symptom requires us to take preventive measures, including preventative spraying. Weaker or sick specimens are removed immediately and replaced with new ones. This means that we can be sure that diseases will not spread and will be eradicated at an early stage.


5. We maintain irrigation systems and controls

We check how the individual components of the irrigation system work, including drip heads, irrigation pipes and drainage channels. We take care of every detail to make sure nothing escapes our attention. If it is a closed circuit, we need to compensate for the lack of water in the tank. In the case of an open circuit, on the other hand, we clean the filter every six months.


Regular maintenance pays off!


We want you to be as satisfied as possible with our services, so we repeat at every opportunity how important it is to take care of the facilities. Not daily, but regularly - once a month is enough. If your vertical gardens are systematically inspected (preferably by specialists), you can count on them to be kept in perfect condition for many years.


It is worth noting that usually green walls work perfectly and our service visits are purely preventive. Most of the time it is enough for us to perform basic treatments, i.e. pruning and cleaning plants. Some of our projects are over three years old and still remain completely healthy - we didn't have to replace a single copy!


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