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The city of Vancouver inCanadais one of the six most livable cities in the world and is considered "naturally spectacular". It is the founding place of Greenpeace and lies in the middle of the green, between sea and mountains. A coastal city that could hardly be better or more beautiful. Yes, Vancouver deserves the title: “The Coastal Pearl”! As is well known, big cities always have a lot to offer, but they are usually very pulsating, so that many tourists often feel the need to escape the hustle and bustle again. But in Vancouver things look a little different - the atmosphere here is much more relaxed than in other large cities. The mood is different. No matter where you are here, through the canyons of the imposing skyline, the view always falls on the breathtaking nature and the deep blue sea. Find out all the tips for a spectacular Vancouver vacation here!

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Arrival to Vancouver

Vancouver is located on the extreme southwest tip of Canada in the state of British Columbia. It is the largest city in Western Canada and the third largest in the country after Toronto and Montreal. Therefore offers you the Vancouver Airport also optimal flight connections. You can even get direct connections from Frankfurt and Munich. A 9-hour flight takes you to British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. A hotel is also found quickly, because the selection is very large and thanks to the good infrastructure you do not necessarily have to live centrally.

Hotspots in Vancouver

There is a lot to discover in the hip city. So that you can take all the highlights with you on your Vancouver vacation and do not miss any of the spectacular activities, I have created a map for you that includes all of my things Vancouver tips at a glance contains. Make sure you plan at least 4-5 days for your trip to discover the center of Vancouver. If you also want to explore the surrounding area, you should plan 7-14 days.

Lively downtown

Downtown Vancouver you can see it from a great distance. It is the district where all the skyscrapers that make up the Vancouver skyline are located. There's a lot going on in this part of town.

The Robson Street is THE shopping street in Vancouver. Here you can not only stroll wonderfully, but also shop extensively! But above all, it is the road to be seen. It runs right through the center of Vancouver, from the Lost Lagoon at Stanley Park down to the B.C. Place Stadium. If you stroll through downtown, you will probably particularly notice the library, which is located in a very striking building that is very reminiscent of the Colosseum in Rome. That too Vancouver Lookout can be found in the immediate vicinity and offers you a fabulous view over the city and far beyond. The viewing platform borders the historic Gastown - where we would be at the next hotspot.

Stroll in Gassy and luxury in Yaletown

The residents of Vancouver call the quarter Gastown lovingly gassy. Unlike the neighborhoods around it, the historic center is criss-crossed with reddish-brown houses, the style of which is more reminiscent of the West Village in New York than the rest of Vancouver.

Guru fact:

Gassy Jack was, so to speak, the founder of the district, which also gave it its name. After Gassy’s gastronomy opening 151 years ago, it developed into an important trading center.

Even if the district is famous because of theGastown Steam Clock is visited by numerous tourists, it is worth coming here, because the architecture simply stands out from the environment. In addition, there are many restaurants and cafes here. You can find my tips on these in the section on culinary delights.

Vancouver's hippest neighborhood is between False Creek and Robson Street, south of the city, Yaletown. Here you can stroll along the bay at the marina and look at the Yaletown Roundhouse. Yaletown also has designer stores and trendy bars like The Yale and The Roxy. A neighborhood not to be missed.

Fresh food on Granville Island

Southwest of Yaletown you will find a small "island" that isn't actually one, but bears the name Granville Island. What makes them so special is the mix of them Culture and cuisine.

Public Market:

Open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

In addition to many small art galleries and cute shops that invite you to browse, there are also hip cafes next to restaurants and - my personal highlight - den Public Market. Fish, cheese and meat variations alongside fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and oils line up with pralines and wine - the market is oneParadise for foodies. Even if you don't want to buy anything, it's just wonderful to stroll through the aisles.

Experience Vancouver's nature

One of the absolute highlights that you can experience in Vancouver is a visit to one of the parks in the city or the Regional or Provincial Parksin the surrounding area. The surroundings of Vancouver - but also the city itself - shine in the most beautiful green.

Enjoy the view of the skyline.

The best thing to do is to walk to Coal Harbor and borrow a bike after enjoying the view of the harbor. The Stanley Park is not far from here and it is a good idea to simply cycle around this small peninsula, cross it and have a picnic in the meadow Skyline view from Vancouver to enjoy. The Capilano River Regional Park, through which the river of the same name runs, is also located in North Vancouver. Perfect for a little excursion into the countryside.

Vancouver's beaches

Sure, Vancouver is right on the water - what would be the most livable city without beaches? Believe me, there are quite a few of them in Vancouver too. The fastest you are on English Bay Beach, which is located directly on the west coast of downtown, Third Beach in Stanley Park or Kitsilano Beach. If you prefer to get out of the city center a bit, I recommend this to you Jericho Beach or the Spanish Banks right beside. From here you still have a wonderful view of the skyline and yet you are only surrounded by a wide sandy beach and the view of the sea.

The nice thing here is that you not only take your four-legged friends with you, but can also let off steam in numerous activities on the water or in the sand. If Kite surfing, Beach volleyball, soccer or just with the dogs frolic in the water - Here you can come to rest from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Excursion destinations in the most beautiful nature

Vancouver is so ideally located in Western Canada that you don't have to go far to experience adventures in nature and throw yourself into sporting activities. For example, if you drive north on the Sea-to-Sky Highway, you will come to the beautiful in less than an hour Squamish to, a place brimming with outdoor fun. Another 60 kilometers further north is the City of Whistler, the Mecca for winter and summer sports. There are countless mountains that are climbed between the two cities, Panoramic landscapesthat want to be discovered and waters for water sports that simply enchant with their sight.

Here you can really immerse yourself in the wilderness.

Would you prefer to move your Vancouver vacation to the island? Vancouver can even offer you: Vancouver Island is located directly in front of the mainland and can be reached quickly by ship. The ferry to Vancouver Island will take you to the 30,000 m² island in one to two hours, depending on your destination. Here you can really immerse yourself in the wilderness, hike along the West Coast Trail, surf the great waves, Waterfalls and wildlife discover and enjoy nature.

Raincouver - Vancouver when it rains

Raincouver, so will the city in which almost 170 days of rain falls from the sky, also called jokingly. But I keep thinking that Vancouver is one of the most livable cities in the world - despite countless rainy days. It would be laughable if you didn't find the right activities for a rainy vacation in this cool city.

Classically, for example, museums are an excellent way to expand your own knowledge about Vancouver or to immerse yourself in the world of the arts, for example in the Museum of Vancouver or inMuseum of Anthropology. If you prefer to stroll or shop, the Pacific Center Mall, Hudson’s Bay and Park Royal are in good hands. The Vancouver Aquarium offers you exciting insights into the underwater world and in the Science World you can visit varying exhibitions. As in any big city, there are of course swimming pools, climbing halls and an indoor sports arena. But for those who prefer to be outside, the same applies as always: the proper clothing take care of it!

Culinary delicacies

Vancouver is that Paradise for gourmets. There are many different places and neighborhoods that are perfect for a dip in culinary Vancouver.

Guru tip:

If you like culinary variation, Gastown is the place for you. From Mexican, to Italian, to American and Canadian, there is something for every taste.

There is Gastown, for example, which, as already mentioned, is lined with numerous restaurants. My recommendation is this Tuc Craft Kitchen. In any case, reserve a table in advance and enjoy the lively atmosphere in the evening. Although the restaurant serves first-class cuisine, fresh salads, delicious steaks and fantastic local wines, modern music and a rustic look still give it a young ambience. Those who prefer to rely on the well-known will get the Bauhaus restaurant Finely prepared, German and European dishes in a hip restaurant that is modern and artfully designed. If you are undecided, just stroll through the streets of Gassy and let yourself be guided by hunger - the choice is huge!

You can find more delicacies on Robson Street. Shopping can make you really hungry - that's what the owners of the many thought Street food stalls, Takeaways, and food trucks lined up along Robson Street. Hot dogs, wraps, sushi or burgers - the small hunger in between is a remedy here. My recommendation: The Mr Shawarma Food Truck.

I don't want to withhold one last foodie hotspot from you: You will find it in a quiet location in the very east of north Vancouver Deep Cove, a picturesque part of the city. People come here mainly to have fun with stand up paddling, kayaking or boating, to picnic in the park or to feast a bit.

The Arms Reach Restaurant offers you really delicious Canadian cuisine: Fresh fish dishes, pasta with seafood, juicy salads and all of this served on a terrace with a view of the bay. Just lovely! If you ask me, he grand finale for your Vancouver vacation.

Go on vacation in Vancouver!

As you can see, Vancouver is just a mega cool and multicultural city that has a lot of variety to offer. Beaches and water sports, mountains and nature or big city action - Vancouver has it all! And that has probably made it one of the most livable cities in the whole world for years. If you have already been there yourself, I am of course curious to see how you experienced Vancouver and what yours personal highlights were. If you are still looking for the perfect offer for your Vancouver vacation, you should take a look at my deals!


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