Why don't all planes have WiFi?

WLAN on the plane: All information, costs & airlines at a glance

Surfing above the clouds is thanks WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESSon the plane no longer a problem! In times of constant accessibility through the Internet, more and more airlines such as Qatar Airways, Etihad or Turkish Airlines offer the appropriate satellite technology to offer their customers Internet at lofty heights. Which airlines Here you can find out how much the internet costs you above the clouds.

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Which airlines offer WiFi on the plane?

Most airlines now offer WiFi in the aircraft, especially on long-haul flights. However, they differ depending on the airline Conditions and prices. This service is only available free of charge with a few airlines, usually you have to book volume or time packages with which you have limited access. Please also note that not all aircraft are yet equipped with WiFi. The airlines that offer WiFi on the plane include Qatar, Etihad and Turkish Airlines. In the following I have put together an overview of all airlines that offer WiFi in the aircraft, including costs for you.

Airlines & costs

Air France

If you are on an Air France aircraft with WiFi access, you can choose between three different options. Once you have decided on a package, simply activate flight mode, connect to AirFranceCONNECT and open connect.airfrance.com via your browser. The airline's goal is to equip the entire fleet with the latest satellite connections by the end of 2020.

Message Passfree
Surf Pass
  • surf the Internet
  • Check emails
  • 3 € for flights within France
  • from € 5 on flights within Europe
  • from € 8 on international flights
Stream Pass
  • surf the Internet
  • Streaming of films & series
€ 30 on international flights

American Airlines

American Airlines offers you WiFi in the aircraft for a fee on selected flights. American Airlines' WiFi costs ten dollars per flight. Advantages for travelers who fly a lot with the airline: For $ 49.95 there is an American Airlines WiFi flat rate for one month.

per flight10 $
Flat rate per month49,95 $

Austrian Airlines

Austrian Airlines now also offers various service packages for WiFi on board. You can tell whether your aircraft provides WiFi by the corresponding symbols. You can purchase the various packages either before the trip or on board. I have listed all options for you here.

FlyNet Mail and Surf
  • Email, surfing & social media
  • maximum speed: 600kbps
  • Less than 1 hour flight time: € 3
  • 1 - 2 hours flight time: 5 €
  • more than 2 hours of flight time: 7 €
FlyNet Stream
  • Email, surfing & streaming
  • maximum speed: 15 Mbps
  • Less than 1 hour flight time: € 7
  • 1 - 2 hours flight time: 10 €
  • more than 2 hours of flight time: 12 €


Emirates is one of the few airlines that offers free internet. Are on board 20 megabytes Included within two hours, which should be enough for checking e-mails and a few messages in WhatsApp. If you need more internet on the plane, you can buy an additional data package for an extra charge. First and Business Class, in which WLAN is always included, are an exception. For Skywards members, WiFi at Emirates is also included in Economy Class, depending on the category.

20 MB in two hoursfree of charge
First Class & Business Classfree of charge

Etihad Airways

The prices for the Etihad WiFi on board depend on the amount of data and the package. Etihad Guest members receive a discount depending on their status, while platinum members even get completely free WiFi. 90 MB are free in First Class. You can book a corresponding data package in all other classes. You can see an overview of the costs for using the Etihad WiFi here:

50 MB$ 5,95
150 MB$ 15,95
300 MB$ 29,95
First class90 MB included


Like many other German airlines, Eurowings also offers WiFi on the plane. Here you pay between EUR 2.90 and EUR 11.90 for short-haul flights and receive data volumes at different speeds. I have summarized the costs for WiFi on the German plane in the following tables:

Short haul flights

Connect Express
  • up to 30 minutes of internet
  • Email, surfing & streaming
  • maximum speed: 1.5Mbps
2,90 €
Connect Basic
  • Email, surfing & social media
  • maximum speed: 600kbps
2,90 € – 9,90 €
Connect Premium
  • High-speed surfing, streaming & VPN services
  • Films & series
  • maximum speed 15Mbps
6,90 € – 11,90 €

Long haul flights

Connect S
  • 20 MB
  • Messaging / Email
  • maximum speed 64 Kbit / s
7,90 €
Connect M
  • 50 MB
  • Messagin / email
  • Surfing the Internet & Social Media
  • maximum speed 650 Kbit / s
9,90 €
Connect L
  • 75 MB
  • Messaging / Email & Email Attachments
  • Surfing the Internet & Social Media
  • VPN server
  • maximum speed 12 Mbit / S
18,90 €


Iberia offers WLAN access in the long-haul Airbus A330-200, A350, as well as A340-600 and A300-300. Depending on the type of aircraft, different fees apply. Passengers can choose between different amounts of megabytes of data.

Conditions A330-200 & A350price
1 hour incl. 40 MB8,99 €
3 hours incl. 100 MB19,99 €
Total flight time including 200 MB29,99 €

Internet access is significantly more expensive on flights with the A340-600 and A300. The Price per MB is the equivalent of almost one euro. You can see all prices here:

Conditions A340-600 & A300-300price
4 MB4.95 $
10 MB9.95 $
25 MB19.95$
45 MB34.95 $


At KLM, the internet via WLAN is not yet available on all aircraft. However, you can usually dial into the wifi on board on intercontinental flights. You can tell whether your aircraft has WiFi on board by the respective WiFi logo. Alternatively, you can check in advance in the flight guide whether WiFi is available on the plane. If your Boeing has WiFi, you can send free messages via WhatsApp, Facebook and Co. during the entire flight. Additional internet packages are available at an additional cost. You can see an overview of the KLM Wifi costs here:

Surf 1 hour
  • surf the Internet
  • Emails & Messages
8 €
Surf full flight
  • surf the Internet
  • Emails & Messages
18 €
Stream whole flight
  • surf the Internet
  • Emails & Messages
  • Music, audio & video streaming
30 €


Lufthansa also offers you the Internet on the plane. It started with long-haul flights and not exactly cheap prices, meanwhile passengers on short-haul flights and on medium-haul flights have the opportunity to surf above the clouds. I have listed an overview of the tariffs and costs at Lufthansa in the tables for you.

Short haul & medium haul

FlyNet® Mail and Surf
  • up to 600 kBit / s
  • Surf & News
  • less than 1 hour: 3 €
  • 1 to 2 hours: € 5
  • more than 2 hours: 7 €
FlyNet® Stream
  • up to 15 Mbit / s
  • VPN network
  • Streaming
  • less than 1 hour: 7 €
  • 1 to 2 hours: € 10
  • more than 2 hours: € 12

Long haul

FlyNet® Chat7 €
FlyNet® Mail and Surf
  • up to 400 kBit / s
  • 500 MB of data
  • Email & messaging
  • surf the Internet
17 €
FlyNet® Mail and Surf Plus
  • 1 GB of data
  • VPN email & messaging
  • surf the Internet
  • Share pictures
29 €


The low-cost airline Norwegian actually offers all customers free access to the Internet via WLAN. Simply connect to "Norwegian Internet Access" and off you go. Unfortunately, there is still one major shortcoming: the free internet is not yet available on intercontinental flights. If you want to surf beyond the free internet, you can book additional tariffs for a fee. A distinction is made between different types of aircraft.

Boeing 737-8

  • surf the Internet
  • Emails & Messaging
free of charge
Social & Surf
  • surf the Internet
  • Emails & Messaging
  • social media
n / a, for a fee
Stream & Surf
  • surf the Internet
  • Emails & Messaging
  • Streaming
n / a, for a fee

Dreamliner 787-900

  • surf the Internet
  • Emails & Messaging
free of charge
  • surf the Internet
  • Emails & Messaging
  • social media
n / a, for a fee

Qatar Airways

Similar to Emirates, Qatar Airways also offers free, 15-minute WLAN Internet access. If you want to surf the Qatar Airways WLAN longer, you have to dig deep into your pocket, because the Qatar Airways Wifi costs are not cheap. You will receive an overview of the Qatar Airways WLAN costs for Qatar WLAN access after you have logged into the portal. There you can see all packages with the included services and prices.

first 15 minutesfree of charge
various internet packagesN / A, can be viewed in the portal

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines also offers Internet access on its flights. In order to be able to surf at high cruising altitudes, you have to buy a paid internet package. You can choose from three different tariffs, which differ in terms of the megabytes they contain. In the Suites, First Class and Business Class you even get free WiFi. However, the free WiFi is limited to certain aircraft.

Chat30 MB in 2 hours3,99 $
Per100 MB9,99 $
Premium200 MB15,99 $
Suites, first class & business classfree of charge


With SWISS Connect you can use WiFi on board the long-haul fleet. You have to do this in advance a voucher that you can then redeem on site. SWISS also offers different service packages that differ in terms of the amount of data. At SWISS you have the following options to choose from:

20 MB9 CHF
50 MB19 CHF
120 MB39 CHF
220 MB59 CHF

Turkish Airlines

In general, with Turkish Airlines you have WiFi on the plane when you are on an international flight. In Economy Class, an hour costs $ 9.99 and a 24-hour flat rate costs $ 29.99. Business travelers will be happy: Business Class customers have 1 GB free access to the Turkish Airlines WlAN on the plane.

Business classfree of charge
Economy Class - 1 hour9,99 $
Economy Class - 24 hours29,99 $


You also have the option of purchasing WiFi on board at Vueling. There Your package will be activated automaticallywhen you have reached an altitude of 10,000 feet and will be deactivated before landing. At Vueling you can choose between the following tariffs:

Fly & ChatEmails & Messagingfrom 2 €
Fly & Surfsurf the Internetfrom 3 €
Fly & MoreStreamingfrom 6 €

These airlines currently do not offer WiFi

Yes, there are actually still such airlines that do not offer you internet on flights - these are primarily low-cost airlines. With the following airlines you currently have to forego the use of WiFi during the flight:

WiFi on the plane - that's how it works

WLAN in the long-distance bus or even at Deutsche Bahn has become indispensable. Since 2013, EASA, the European Aviation Safety Agency, has allowed the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops in flight mode. Little by little, more and more airlines have relaxed the rules and theirs Aircraft refitted. In the meantime, it is no longer a problem for many airlines to surf or chat on a smartphone or laptop. The use of WLAN on the flight is even standard with many airlines. But how does the WiFi on board actually work? There is a transponder on the aircraft that is linked to a Satellites or ground stations connects. In this way we can enjoy the Internet high above the clouds. This in no way affects security - major airlines such as Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and Qatar rely on this technology.

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