What have you learned from this decade

Grow up: What did you learn about love as a young person?

The period from 20 to 30 is considered turbulent - especially when it comes to love. What did you learn about relationships and yourself back then? And how does that shape you today?

Later one remembers: the first great love, the first great pain, the next great love, the pain afterwards, still great. The twenties are considered the time to try things out. This decade has been a tumultuous time for many, especially when it comes to love. Maybe the first love stayed and the pain went. In the worst case, it is the other way around.

It is the time of the first adult relationship, when a lot of things may still feel childlike. It is the time of high hopes and disappointed feelings. A time full of crises and feelings of happiness, in which one must first learn to separate properly or to deal with the horror of a terrible separation. Friendships break because of love or wear you through lovesickness. Just grow up. Decades later, some of the partners will be identified as the worst imaginable; other than those that should have been fought harder for.

Twenty-four and there's so much more?

Between 20 and 30, what did you learn about love, relationships, and yourself? How old are you now? Does the learning effect ultimately remain manageable for a lifetime? Or does love mean learning - and is each love a preparation for the next?

We'd love to know what you think you have learned. We wish for funny, beautiful, sad, serious and surprising insights into searching and finding love, crises and stupidity, sex and partnership.

Please tell us about your experiences in the form or in the comment area. Alternatively, you can also send an email to [email protected] You are also welcome to send us photos from this phase of life. We would like to publish selected contributions, anonymously if requested.