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Nano Gauntlet

Nano Gauntlet

The Nano Gauntlet was a nano-tech glove developed by Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Rocket Raccoon in 2023. It was designed to limit and channel the powers of the Infinity Stones in a similar way to the Infinity Gauntlet.

History [edit | Edit source]

Avengers: Endgame [edit | Edit source]

The Nano Gauntlet was developed by Tony Stark, Bruce Banner and Rocket Raccoon so that the Avengers could use the six Infinity Stones they collected during their time hopping mission to bring back the Dissolved. After all the stones were inserted into the Nano Gauntlet, the Avengers decided that the Hulk was probably the most suitable for using the glove because of the gamma radiation of the stones.

Despite his strength and habituation to gamma rays, Professor Hulk also struggled when the energy from the stones rushed through his arm. But he managed to snap his fingers and bring back all those who had dissolved.

When the 2014 Thanos hit 2023 and attacked Avengers headquarters, Hawkeye was able to secure the glove. Exhausted from his escape from some Outriders, he hands him over to Nebula, not knowing that it was her 2014 counterpart that Thanos was still loyal to. She was able to inform Thanos of her success before she was killed by her future self and Gamora, causing the glove to fall back into Hawkeye's hands.

During the battle between the Avengers and Thanos armies, the Avengers attempted to bring the Nano Gauntlet to the van with the quantum tunnel. But Thanos was able to thwart this plan and snatch the glove. However, Captain Marvel was able to prevent his flick again and briefly keep Thanos in check. However, when he loosens the power stone from the glove, he was able to use its power to get rid of her.

With the glove fully occupied again, Thanos tried again to snap his finger, but this time it was Iron Man who knew how to prevent it. He could let all the stones from the glove spill over onto his own armor and then snap his fingers himself and thus destroy Thanos and his hosts. The Nano Gauntlet dissolved together with Thanos,

Skills [edit | Edit source]

"Aside from the fact that the glove has so much energy that you can vaporize continents with it, you are not in good shape."
- Tony Stark to ThorAvengers: Endgame

Like the Infinity Gauntlet, the Nano Gauntlet is also able to channel the power of all Infinity Stones, so that whoever uses it receives almost omnipotence. But even though the nano-glove was made from extremely tough nanotechnology, similar to Tony Stark's Mark LXXXV armor, it cannot contain the force of the stones as well as its predecessor. Hence, simply attempting to handle the stones at the same time would cause their collective energies to leak out of the glove and begin to seriously injure the user, as was the case with the Hulk and Iron Man.

Thanks to its nanotechnology, the Nano Gauntlet can move its nanites around and morph itself to accommodate users of different arm sizes. He can even seemingly repair himself, as the glove seemed less damaged by the time Thanos acquired it. The nanites of the nano-glove can also be carried over into various Iron Man armor made from nanotechnology, as this is how Iron Man transferred the nanites that contain the Infinity Stones into his armor, thereby fusing his nanites with his suit and the Stones can be safely transferred between them.