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Gender struggle in the FDP?

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In just under two weeks, on Saturday, August 5th, a founding meeting of the "Liberal Men in the FDP" is to take place in Nuremberg. A draft program of this FDP men's group has been circulating since June. Among other things, he calls for an "uncompromising implementation of Article 3 of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany" with the "aim of real equality between women and men, mothers and fathers, girls and boys."

According to the draft program, such "actual equality" can only exist if the legitimate concerns of both sexes are taken into account and disadvantages of both sexes are discussed and eliminated. In practice, one sees here deficits in terms of "hostility towards boys, men and fathers", which should not only be discussed, but "just as condemned and eliminated" as "misogyny".

"The underrepresented gender"

The program paper makes specific suggestions for this, among other things with the demand that "Equal Opportunities Officer [...] represent the interests of both sexes and can be elected by both sexes." In this context, the intention is to replace the term "women" with the phrase "the underrepresented gender" in regulations at federal and state level. If there is no equal opportunities officer, but only a women's officer, a "men's officer" should be placed at her side.

Such agents should ensure, among other things, that "only qualifications, performance and experience are decisive for recruitment and promotions, but not gender." The draft leaves open how a "target quota of 30%", which is also required, for teachers in primary schools, who convey "male educational values" and should be "male role models", is compatible with this claim.

"Right to reject a child"

The paper also recognizes a need for action in family law, where it postulates that "the consequences of the failure of a marriage [...] must be borne fairly by both partners in accordance with their capabilities". In the case of divorces with descendants, the "residence model" is seen as not being suitable for children and would like to replace it with the "change model", also known under the name "Paritätische Doppelresidenz", which "should become the standard for caring for children of separated parents".

Article 6 (4) of the Basic Law, which states "Every mother has the right to the protection and care of the community", considers the program paper to be incompatible with the principle of equal treatment in Article 3 (3), despite the biologically predetermined inequality of the situation, and therefore calls for replace the word "mother" with the word "parent". In addition, one would like to grant "unconditional joint custody" to fathers who were not or are not married to the mother of their child. At least as controversial is the rather vaguely formulated demand for a "right to reject a child", which should go hand in hand with the mother's duty to provide information.

In criminal law, the draft program requires, among other things, that the "constitutional principle of the presumption of innocence" must also be applied uncompromisingly to "suspicion of domestic or sexual violence [...]". In addition, this "domestic and sexual violence should no longer be approached as a purely male, but as a human problem". Boys and other male victims of such crimes should be taken into account in offers of help and in state-sponsored research into and combating the phenomenon, as should girls and other female victims.

"Progressive in the FDP" for the "introduction of unisex toilets" and the "use of gender-sensitive language"

The extent to which such positions find acceptance into the official positions of the FDP depends on whether their representatives prevail at party congresses - which in turn depends on how many people there are who represent positions that are difficult to match. This is done most explicitly by the group of "progressives" in the FDP, which Matteo Müller, Benjamin Brandstetter and René Oehler brought to life and which became known on social media over the weekend and a style similar to that operated by the "progressive" Peer group in the Pirate Party (see too similar to the Greens).

Under "Liberalism and Gender" it says on the website of the "Progressives in the FDP" that one is "also liberal feminists" [sic], because liberalism "needs feminism" and one must "take gender studies seriously and use their findings ". That is why one is also in favor of the "introduction of unisex toilets" and the "use of gender-sensitive language". The aim is to "show voters that they do not have to vote green in order to see progressive ideas represented." (Peter Mühlbauer)

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