How healthy is a ham sandwich


A healthy and varied diet of children is very important, even if a little difficult at times. We certainly all know those parents who struggled to ensure that their children would enjoy vegetables and healthy foods.


Both the bread and the sandwich filling contribute to the healthy growth of the children. That's why we're showing you a couple of sandwich recipes that are not only easy and quick to prepare, but also healthy and tasty. The kids love them!



A classic sandwich from Spain - the ham sandwich with tomatoes




Extra virgin olive oil

Serrano ham


Cheese and salami sandwich with lettuce



Cheese spread




Chorizo, arugula and sun-dried tomatoes



sun-dried cherry tomatoes

Chorizo ​​sausage


Extra virgin olive oil



Did you already know these recipes? In Spain, the ham sandwich with tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil is the typical sandwich par excellence. In fact, it is the most popular sandwich of 25% of Spaniards.

The chorizo, salami, salchichón sausage and serrano ham can be eaten in a sandwich thanks to their delicious taste without any additional ingredients. Vegetable inlay in the sandwich is an excellent way to incorporate fiber and vitamins into a child's diet. Sandwiches are also a good and healthy way to eat.