Why don't we focus on job creation?

What the ECB does and how it affects you

We want you to know what you can afford with your income in the future. Stable purchasing power also benefits the economy and the labor market.

1. We keep the value of your money stable

We want to prevent prices from going up too fast, as your money would then quickly lose value. However, prices should not fall over a longer period of time. Then people would postpone some spending, which could harm the economy and jeopardize jobs. If we keep prices stable, private individuals and companies can plan better for the future.

2. With our work we promote the economy and employment

We use various monetary policy instruments to keep prices stable. This benefits the economy as well as people's incomes and promotes job creation. Our tools include setting policy rates for the economy, lending banks to encourage the flow of credit to households and businesses, and asset purchases to improve financing conditions in all sectors of the economy.

So that you can save and invest without hesitation, we watch over the banks and the financial system.

3. We supervise your bank

So that you can trust the banks in the euro area, we have been testing how solid and resilient they are since 2014. If we come across weak points, we ask the respective banks to eliminate them. We take care of the supervision of the large banks ourselves; for the smaller banks we work together with the national supervisory authorities.

4. We keep an eye on the stability of the financial system ...

... so that even in turbulent times it is guaranteed that you have access to your bank account, companies can make and receive payments and investors can trade. A stable financial system can withstand shocks without major disruptions.

We make sure that you can pay securely - be it cash, by card or online.

5. We manufacture euro banknotes

Would you recognize a counterfeit banknote? Together with the 19 national central banks, we have issued a new series of euro banknotes in recent years. Thanks to new security features, it is much more difficult to counterfeit.

6. We make sure that you can pay electronically safely

If you pay by card or online in euros, we ensure that the payment process is managed smoothly and efficiently, regardless of whether you use our own payment systems or one that we monitor. Using our own systems, banks can transfer money within a few seconds within the EU.

Because we want to protect your money, we are examining new technology and cybersecurity

7. We put crypto assets and blockchain to the test

How could cryptocurrencies affect banks and your money? How could the new technologies in question - such as B. Blockchain - help improve the way we pay? These are questions that our innovation teams deal with.

8. We increase the cyber resilience of your bank

To ensure that your money is protected against cyber crime in the best possible way, we have called on the financial industry to work together to protect themselves against all types of cyber threats. The measures also include cyber resilience tests with the help of ethical hackers. These hackers try to break into the banks' systems in order to uncover any weaknesses.

We are here for you. We work for you.

9. Because we are independent, we can act in your interests

For us, independence means that we do not allow ourselves to be influenced by short-term political considerations. Instead, we focus on what is best for the economy in the medium term so that people in the euro area can enjoy stability.

10. We are available to answer your questions

Our decisions are not without consequences for you, the millions of people and companies in the euro area. In particular, our decisions have an impact on whether you save or invest, whether you take out or extend loans. That is why it is important for us to explain our measures to you, and that is why we are legally obliged to give account to the representatives you have elected in the European Parliament.