Why are tights so comfortable

Comfortable tights ???

Hello dream fairy,
keep asking. The man needs some kind of hobby - for me the legs of the woman have always been more exciting than the breasts, for example. I am personally very little interested in lace lingerie and suspenders and find them rather unattractive (apart from La Perla and Perelè, for example ... ). And as a pubescent who still lived through the original mini-skirt era, the girls' legs were THE sexual signal for me - and in the early seventies they were all blessed with tights. Hence - I guess - my admiring interest in the 'silky' comes from, the effect of which depends very much on the content and the design. There are even magazines for lovers of trousers, but at times that looks too extreme like fetishism, since these people no longer care about the content of the clothes. Even today - even if it rarely happens - I stroll through the stocking departments of the department stores and see if there is anything new - two legs are still common.

I found the short trend of completely unreinforced and seamless tights extremely sexy, but of course it didn’t catch on because of the price. In fact, I can understand women - and men - if the junk with seams and reinforcements doesn't really turn them on - neither can me. But I do appreciate finely made tights - unfortunately I have to admit it - already beautiful women's legs, and that with the promising feeling that the 'packaging' doesn't suddenly end somewhere on the thigh.

It works like the promise of the wrapped gift - even if you are not supposed to be the recipient and you therefore never get it. Some people like deep necklines - not me, but what the heck.

No, there are no identity problems, because tights are nowadays a rather annoying accessory for women and almost no one is in the mood to deal with this charming piece of tempting transparency. You have to take note of it regretfully.

Everything explained?


I like it