What is terrace waterproofing

As the owner of a house with a balcony, terrace or roof terrace, you know how quickly reality will overtake your desire for permanently beautiful terrace coverings.

These areas, which are exposed to the many weather influences all year round, are among the most vulnerable parts of your building. In order to avoid the resulting damage and loss of value, you must use the Seal the terrace.

This is the only way to ensure that the affected outdoor area remains weatherproof and waterproof and that it retains its static stability. Damage such as cracks, flaking, concrete damage, corrosion, leaks or moisture penetration quickly occurs on terraces, which often affect living or cellar rooms below, in addition to the terrace.

Ultimately, this also allows the Quality of living great damage to take. The most common causes of damage to the terrace and the parts of the building connected to it include precipitation, splash water and running water as well as frost, heat and UV rays.

In addition, the outside area is subject to increased structural movements, which can easily lead to cracks in the terrace surface. The solution to the problem is a terrace renovation, in which a professional terrace waterproofing ensures protection and preservation of value. The terrace sealing is the basis for maintaining the building fabric, the quality of living and permanently beautiful coverings.

In the context of a terrace renovation, one means Terrace waterproofing usually a new construction with a seal, a stress-relieving layer and waterproof screed as well as a surface covering, e.g. B. tiles, wood or weatherproof paint.

In addition, when sealing the terrace, it must be ensured that the result is sufficiently crack-bridging. Only a technically mature terrace waterproofing fulfills all requirements. If you are not completely sure about every step of the process when sealing your terrace, we recommend that you have your terrace sealed by a professional.

When a terrace coating or terrace sealing comes to the end of its service life and damage is already clearly visible, ours will come long proven coating and sealing systems for use on terraces and balconies.

Sealing and renovating terraces - step by step

In the following picture story you can see step by step how a damaged terrace is successfully renovated by the Seiler Spezialabdichtung GmbH team.

  • Step 1: The old covering is removed
  • Step 2: Existing cracks are repaired
  • Step 3: The screed is completely ground or milled and primed with synthetic resin
  • Step 4: The synthetic resin sealing system (liquid film) including the fabric insert is applied to bridge cracks.


A finished synthetic resin coating (top coating including chips) can then be applied, depending on the customer's requirements. Because of the specialist knowledge required, there are many indications that you should consult a professional to have your terrace waterproofed. As a specialist company for terrace renovation, we have the necessary knowledge, the most modern technology and have a perfect renovation system. We would be happy to help you find a suitable solution.

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