Does Queen Elizabeth have a passport

That's why the Queen doesn't need a passport

As the Queen of England one has, of course, some advantages. So hadQueen Elizabeth II (91) for example complete immunity and is allowed to drive a car quite legally, even though she is no driver's license owns. Another detail that we can hardly imagine: The Queen needs more than that no passport.

Queen Elizabeth II.

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The Queen doesn't have a passport: that's why

The British passport says on the first page, among other things, "in the name of majesty " the owner of this document should be allowed to travel safely and without barriers. The majesty is natural Queen Elizabeth II

Since the British passports are issued in the name of the Queen herself, she does not need to have her own. So it says on the website of the royal family. Because she has to never prove their identity. All other members of the royal family must be able to show such a document.