What is the name of the chain around Melisandre

"Game of Thrones": The Secret of Melisandre

The scene with the red priestess Melisandre at the end of the first episode of the new season of "Game of Thrones" was an absolute blast - but one small detail drives all fans crazy. Is there a big secret behind this or was it just a blatant mistake by the GoT makers?

Watch out, spoilers! If you have not yet seen the new episode and do not want to know anything about its content, you should not read any further from here. Don't say later that we didn't warn you!

Even as a passionate "Game of Thrones" fan you have to admit that the long-awaited first episode of the new season, "The Red Woman", was largely splashing around. Numerous narrative strands were continued, but without presenting a real highlight. But then shortly before the end there was a scene that will definitely be one of the top 7 strongest moments forever.

Melisandre, currently a guest in the Black Fortress on the Wall, takes off her clothes the evening before going to bed. Like all of us. And her jewelry. Like all of us. But suddenly its attractive outer shell is gone too. The viewer sees an old woman, naked - the red priestess can only be clearly recognized by her eyes.

In the few minutes of this scene everything was found for which fans love this series. The drastic presentation, the overcoming of taboos, the element of surprise.

Melisandre's jewelry raises questions

But of course it wasn't long before the nerdy (in the best sense of the word) fan base found a hair in the Melisandre soup.

The problem in one sentence: If the beautiful figure of the priestess is tied to the necklace around her neck, how can it be that we have already seen her unadorned and yet beautiful?

Problem recognized. Problem solved? The most popular fan theories briefly explained:

  • The figure is tied to the jewelry: In the named bath scene, Melisandre was in a room with Selyse. Since the rather crazy wife of Stannis Baratheon had already succumbed to the new faith, Melisandre could also have appeared as a billy goat or a ladybug. So only the viewer saw the beautiful body; Selyse, on the other hand, is the true figure.
  • The piece of jewelry is not that important: Although it appeared as if Melisander's shape had changed when the chain was removed - in truth, the priestess's power is so great that she can change her appearance at will and the shape is not tied to one thing.
  • The producers of the greatest TV series of all time made a mistake! Spank Continuity, thank you too!

We do not know whether we will actually ever find out the solution to this riddle. What we do know is that it's just fun to brainstorm and chat with other fans. This leaves a bit of the feeling that GoT is actually still somehow a "fan thing" and not a multi-million dollar TV series, the makers of which no longer (have to) stick to the template.

In any case, the more interesting question is how this incredibly strong scene came about. Was the aged sorceress created on the computer? Did Melisandre actress Carice van Houten wear a bodysuit? Director Jeremy Podeswa revealed it in a recent interview with "Entertainment Weekly".

Van Houten was transformed into an old woman with the help of make-up and prostheses, and her face was then digitally put together with the body of an older actress. Basically a similar procedure to Cersei's "Walk of Shame". With the body double solution, the producers wanted to avoid a clear answer as to how old Melisandre is now. A simple "very old" must suffice here.

And here - but only if you really want to see it - a preview of the next episode: