What is controlled concrete

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Synonyms in literature: systematic, recycling-friendly or recovery-oriented dismantling or demolition.

Demolition work

In the case of controlled demolition, the pollutant-containing materials are removed before the building is actually demolished. The aim is to recycle as high a proportion of construction waste as possible. In addition, the building materials used are separated with the highest possible purity (wood, brick, concrete, etc.). The building dismantling is preceded by a planning phase with the creation of a dismantling and disposal concept. This usually requires research and investigation.

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Determination of the concrete ceiling thickness

To carry out the controlled dismantling, the new construction steps are carried out in reverse order. Depending on the use, age, type, size, etc. of the building, it is important that a qualified and adequate assessment of the pollutant situation in the building fabric is carried out beforehand.