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Taxi driving in Greece
The rip-off methods of the Greek taxi drivers

Driving a taxi in Greece is extremely cheap, half an hour's drive costs around € 20. In Germany you have to put more than double that on the table.
There is only one catch:
With some taxi drivers, tourists (not locals !!) run the big rip-off: The correct price is slightly below EUR 20, for example. In a case known to us, however, a sailor was ripped off with 80 EUR (!). Some taxi drivers charge "only" 40 EUR.
Tip from a Greek insider: Don't ask for the price beforehand. Arrived at the destination, unload the luggage and hand the driver 20 EUR. If he protests, threaten the police. This helps.
By the way: It is illegal if the clock is not running in the taxi!
Don't be fooled by the "Outside double price" argument. That is simply a lie ...
A bad tour is the wrong tariff when the taxi meter is switched on: If tariff two is switched on, that is the night tariff, which only applies from 00:00 to 05:00.
Do not do anything for the time being, unload your luggage at your destination and get a receipt BEFORE you pay. Then threaten the police and pay half the price, that's the right one ...
A fair and correct price for a half hour taxi in Athens is 15 euros. If the price is significantly higher, do not hesitate to call the police. I myself have already seen the taxi driver run away in a great hurry without paying anything.
On the right is a taxi invoice from May 18, 2009 in Samos. The tariff is circled, here night tariff, although the time on the invoice shows 1324 o'clock !!

Taxi drivers on the smaller islands are not so affected, those in and around Athens and the tourist islands such as Kos are more dangerous.

Current information: The second increase in taxi tariffs this year, already decreed by ministerial decision in April 2009, will come into force from November 2009 as planned. Specifically, the kilometer flat rates for the single tariff will increase from EUR 0.48 to EUR 0.60 and the double tariff (tariff 2, night tariff) from EUR 0.84 to EUR 1.05.

Stefan Dannemann wrote in 2010: "Hi Peter,
I was in Lavrion from late August to early September. My charter company (B + R) told me that I could order a taxi for the transfer from the airport beforehand (approx. 25 euros), or take one at the stand (20 euros).
My experience: - stopped taxis charge approx. 40 EUR on request.
- There is also a stand with black limousines, which charge around 90 EUR
- At the regular taxi stand (with the long line) I was told 20 EUR, the clock then read 17 EUR. With luggage and tip it was 20.
- The vehicles at the limousine stand are very comfortable, like S-Class Benze etc. with leather seats and air conditioning for a long time.
- ordered taxis are mostly newer and often have air conditioning.
- Our taxi at the stand was an old Tojota with 730,000 kilometers, the other vehicles at the stand were not newer. The best thing to do for the return trip is to order a taxi immediately upon arrival, as there can be bottlenecks in Lavrion. In August they had 12 taxis on site. I have been to Greece a lot over the past few years and have heard hair-raising stories on the jetty. From the old Kalamaki airport to the port (approx. 5 minutes) the route via the center of Athens was chosen, and after a one-hour taxi ride, an invoice for the equivalent of 50 euros was presented. However, I have always been treated correctly. Greetings, Stefan

The tariff of the Greek taxi is still subject to the state price control. The prices listed below apply to regular taxis. For the "Agoräon" (= taxi with provincial locations) there are sometimes different tariffs, but there are also restrictions on the acceptance of passengers. For example, an "agorae" outside the location area may not accept "walk-in customers" and only appear at airports on (written) order to pick up passengers.

The following taxi tariffs came into effect on March 1st, 2007, May 19th, 2008, May 1st, 2009 and November 1st, 2009. In 2009, the flat-rate fees and surcharges remained constant, but the kilometer fee was rigorously increased. For pre-orders, it is now at the discretion of the entrepreneur / driver to request an amount from 3 to a maximum of 5 euros.

(Prices in euros. Status: May 2008 / without guarantee!)

 20072008 2009
Basic fee ("flag")1,001,051,061,06
Minimum wage (Athens + Thessaloniki)2,652,802,802,80
Minimum wage (other areas)2,853,003,003,00
Call via telephone / radio call center1,601,701,701,70
Pre-order (rendezvous)2,652,803 - 53 - 5
Waiting time, per hour8,509,609,609,60
Single tariff (/ km)0,340,360,480,60
Double tariff (/ km) *0,640,680,841,05
Airport surcharge 'El. Venizelou '(Athens)3,203,403,403,40
Airport surcharge 'Makedonia' (Thes / niki)2,652,802,802,80
Airport surcharge (other airports)2,152,302,302,30
Port, railway & bus station surcharge0,860,950,950,95
Luggage over 10kg per item0,330,360,360,36
Christmas gift **1,001,001,001,00

The double tariff is charged from midnight to 5 a.m. as well as for single journeys beyond the local area! Tolls and other road charges are the responsibility of the passenger. In some areas (islands), flat-rate fixed prices apply for all trips.

** At Christmas and Easter got to a "gift" is paid to the driver, the amount and collection period being determined and published by decree shortly before the holidays. For 2009/2010 the obligatory Christmas baksheesh was set at 1.00 Euro and will be dated from December 18, 2009 to January 7, 2010 generally added to every trip. Although the EU Commission has been dealing with the reprehensible goings-on for some time, there is still no end in sight to this abusive practice.

Note: the simple tariff is to rise from November 2009 to 0.60 euros and from May 2010 to 0.72 euros. The double tariff is to rise from November 2009 to 1.05 euros and from May 2010 to 1.20 euros.

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Taxis in front of the Parliament in Athens
(Photo: ien62) Click to enlarge! Taxi invoice from May 18, 2009 (Photo: Peter Walter)