Why do I hear footsteps at night

Are you haunted? 4 noises suggestive of a ghost

The spooky season has officially started: Halloween is just around the corner - and while the scary, costumed crowds of children will probably be limited this year thanks to Corona, that doesn't mean that the spook will be completely eliminated. Because even far away from Halloween it can be scary, as ghosts (like us normal mortals) toil all year round. Some of them may show up in mirrors or dreams; others, on the other hand, seek the scenes of their (decay) life and envelop them in a dark aura. Some, on the other hand, may prefer to make their presence known through noises.

Such stories are abundant; many of them end up in the "Paranormal" and "Ghosts" subreddits sooner or later. And in these stories, certain similarities can be recognized here and there - such as certain sounds that seem to be associated with a lot of spook. Voices, steps, sighs: Many of the noises can certainly also be explained in an earthly way, but at the same time definitely have eerie goose bumps potential.

Before we go into detail about these noises, a small note in advance: Everything that your ears may hear within your four walls could well be anything but supernatural. A rustle in the walls, a crunch in the pipes? Maybe you don't need an exorcism right away, just a craftsman.

Are you sure that your place is not dilapidated but cursed? We believe you In order for experts to do this on site, however, you should record the evidence - for example, by doing à la Paranormal Activity running a camera at night or recording the respective noises using a cell phone voice memo. If you are lucky (or, depending on the visitation, more unlucky), you can share your creepy roommates with all those who want or should be scared - or, ideally, can help you. But now we come to the four most typical acoustic spooky clues ...