Why is Saturday a party day

Saturday is party day

The cult festival Bar & Pub Tuggen

17.10.2016 14:03

The cult bar & pub Tuggen celebrates every Saturday from October 22nd to December 17th in the popular event hall: great highlights await the party crowd on the nine Saturday nights.

The very popular Bar & Pub Tuggen will also be celebrated in a big way this autumn! Legendary, party-packed and known for strong acts: The Tuggen Bar & Pub starts on Saturday, October 22nd with a big name. Mike Candys opens this year's Bar & Pub Tuggen with his most popular hits like “One Night in Ibiza”, “Summer Dream” or “If the World would End” and finally catapults the event hall from its summer sleep into autumn festival fever.

The following Saturday, October 29th, the Bar & Pub organizers are hosting the Big Halloween Party together with Remady & Manu-L. one on it. The most famous sound with a Halloween atmosphere delight the guests. House is very popular on November 5th - Sir Colin will share the turntables with other high-quality house DJs and will really bring the event hall to a boil. On November 12th, the Bar & Pub Tuggen welcomes the party queen from Mallorca, Mia Julia brings Mallorca atmosphere to Tuggen. As it should be in Mallorca, great party sound to sing along paired with a lot of bare skin is offered to the party guests. A week later, on November 19th, Mr. Da-Nos and Pat Farrell bring your best hits to the Tuggen Bar & Pub. The two popular Swiss DJs have been among the bar & pub favorites for years. On November 26th, the rock band Tempesta, known far beyond the country's borders, will rock the large bar & pub hall. The Bandits is on the chart floor that night. Willy Herren and Ingo Willich, two well-known entertainment names from the German party scene - of course the big après ski party is on December 3rd and the bar & pub is celebrating the upcoming winter. New this year at the Bar & Pub is the 90's party with the Vengaboys in the original line-up. The organizers are pleased that they were able to sign Vengaboys for the Tuggen Bar & Pub. All the big hits of the 90s will be played this night. The big closing party will take place on December 17th. DJ’s from Mars will be flown in from Mars with their unmistakable hits. One last time for this year there will be a celebration at the Tuggen Bar & Pub and the party people will be guaranteed a grand finale to the festival.

The party nights start at 9 p.m., last in the event hall until 3 a.m. and in “The Bandits” until 4 a.m. The bar & pub makers thank the crowd of guests who arrive early with an entrance fee of only 15 francs per night of the party (9 p.m. to 9.30 p.m.; afterwards 25 francs).

Again, thanks to the party club, there are two different dance floors. The team from “Be me Angel”, the ASN, Alcohol and Drug Prevention in Road Traffic, will be there again this year and will be offering non-alcoholic drinks to every guest driving a car at half price. The shuttle bus is free and brings party guests home safely. The timetables, news and photos about the Bar & Pub Tuggen can be found on the homepage and on the Facebook page. 1500 free parking spaces are of course available. The organizers are looking forward to the Tuggen Bar & Pub 2016 and peaceful party people with great parties.