How electronics rot the human brain

Brain at its best: How to multiply your brain cells

Dusseldorf Constantly learning, being creative and working with focus. In order for the brain to do this and stay in top form, it has to be trained. Here's how to make your brain even renew itself.

It's not about anything, it's about your brain. Around 86 billion nerve cells that make up your thinking center. They ensure that you get better at tennis, because you learn to find your car in the parking lot, because you remember, or work out a concept successfully on the job because you are creative.

The brain is constantly renewing itself

Book tip

In the book "Revolution in the head", which appears on November 3, 2016, gives stem cell researchers Gerd Kempermann an overview of the current state of research on neurogenesis and how nerve cells keep our brain young for a lifetime.

Gerd Kempermann:
Revolution in the head,
ISBN: 978-3-426-27707-2
Price: € 22.99

In order for this to work, the brain works in the waking and resting state. The brain cells communicate with each other continuously. Synapses network again. This is also necessary because thousands of nerve cells die every day.