Are webcam chats dangerous?

The website connects webcams worldwideHow dangerous is "Chatroulette"?

Is this new chat site a great invention? Or is it a danger? "Chatroulette" is the name of a new chat service on the Internet. It was programmed by a 17-year-old high school student from Moscow.

The principle is very simple: You go to the “Chatroulette” page and off you go. The program automatically connects the user with any user who also has a webcam.

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Worldwide. Real time. UNfiltered! At first glance, this is a nice way to get in touch and chat with other users. But then disturbing images.

People sit in front of swastika flags. Men or women who satisfy themselves in front of the camera. Drug use live. Minors in front of the computer.

Repulsive: A man in SS uniform sits in front of the webcam. A woman is sitting in front of another webcam. The two can see each other. The woman raises her arm in the Hitler salute ...

Is such a site fun or a danger?

Dr. Michael Beißwenger (37), Internet expert at the Technical University of Dortmund: “The problem that content was posted unfiltered on the Internet during chats also existed before. This also applies to existing video portals. The videos are often posted without checking, the operators mostly only react. Given the mass of data and content, it is also difficult to pre-filter every potentially problematic content. "

But "Chatroulette" brings together many questions about the Internet.

Beißwenger: “This creates a direct interaction between any two people. Before that, a child could theoretically come across a pedophile in a chat. Only: The real-time video is included with the delivery. And: The users can try to influence each other. "

But what drives people to satisfy themselves in front of the camera?

Beißwenger: “Some users are not aware that the Internet is a public medium. They feel anonymous and assume that they can act out their exhibitionism without being recognized or being able to be traced back to where they logged in from. "

However, there are now websites that save photos from chat films - and assign them directly to a digital city map. No matter where. Worldwide. Right down to the street!

Anyone who shows up at "Chatroulette" should know that you can find out where you live with just a few clicks.