What causes termites to invade your home

Exterminate termites


To get rid of termites, place individual termite baits around your house. The animals will take the bait with them to their nest, where it will eradicate the entire colony. You can also dig a trench around your house, spray liquid termite venom in it, and then refill the trench. In this way, you create a wall around the foundation of your house that is impenetrable for the termites. If you'd rather try natural agents, you can use boric acid or silica. Use a spray bottle to spray the acid or silica on infested wood, in cracks, nooks and crannies, and holes inside and outside your home. If termites come into contact with the fine powder, they die. Always keep termite bait, poison, or other protective equipment out of the reach of children. Also, wear protective clothing when doing these things. To prevent termites from coming back, remove any piles of wood around your house so they no longer have a source of food. Termites also need water to survive. Therefore, make sure that there is no standing water anywhere on the property. Finally, seal the ventilation openings with grille protection so that termites do not get into the house. Read on to learn other ways to prevent termite infestations!

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