How do cowboy huts help a cowboy

Cowboy hats

Stylish headgear in a country look

Yee-haaw! Summertime is festival time. You have been looking forward to the upcoming concert for weeks and have already got yourself the right outfit. Of course, a cool cowboy hat should not be missing at a festival. Not only does it look stylish, it also protects you from the blazing sun. What advantages to you Cowboy hats offer anything else and how you can make your look special with the various models, this guide will tell you.

Table of Contents

Casual and stylish: that's what makes cowboy hats so special
Safari, carnival and co: these models fit the occasion
Narrow or wide brim: How to find the right shape
Six care tips: this is how cowboy hats keep their shape and look
Conclusion: cowboy hats upgrade your leisure outfit

Casual and stylish: that's what makes cowboy hats so special

A cowboy hat is a modern accessory and gives casual outfits a masculine touch in a trendy western style. The classic in muted Shades of brown or light beige with leather strap has a buckled crown and a wide brim that runs slightly upwards.

This is how you succeed in the modern country look: Casual leisure outfits with jeans, blouse and a knitted vest are complemented with summery models made of raffia. Those who like it more playful can style the accessory as a masculine style break with a patterned summer dress or a fine frilled blouse. In winter, dark models made of felt keep you warm and give your winter outfit in combination with a classic wool coat an extravagant touch.

Tip: Decorations with colorful ribbons or metal applications turn a simple cowboy hat into a special accessory and a cool eye-catcher.

Safari, carnival and co: these models fit the occasion

From colorful and glittering designs to clean, sporty styles - you will find suitable models for a wide variety of occasions. Take a look at the overview and let yourself be inspired.

Classic versions for strolling through town

For the next trip to the city you choose a comfortable outfit that is also fashionable. A cool accessory is a must for a combination of jeans, sweater and leather jacket. A classic cowboy hat in fedora style with leather strap is a great addition here. Choose muted tones such as green, black or beige to round off your city look and make your outfit the focus.

Unusual models for carnival and carnival

In Mardi Gras or Carnival, things can be unusual and more colorful. More is more! For your carnival costume as a cowgirl, combine a brightly colored model in bright colors. Applications like Sequins, feathers and rivets turn the simple hat into a sparkling good-mood accessory. This is how you draw all eyes to your special disguise at the next carnival party.

With functional models for safari

It can also get hot on a safari tour or just hiking, so you put on functional cowboy hats and are well protected from heat, dust and sun. Models with Ventilation holes and mesh inserts are comfortable to wear and won't make you sweat. Drawstrings that you can tighten during a turbulent tour are practical so that your hat does not slip.

Bright models for beach vacation

Instead of a feminine sun hat, you prefer to choose a casual model in a cowboy look for your next vacation. A hat fits for the beach light-colored, braided raffia or straw. This is a stylish accessory for a patterned bikini that also protects you from the sun and heat. Braided models are also beautifully air-permeable and are comfortable to wear.

Tip: You can decorate your cowboy hat with a scarf in strong colors and give it a summery touch.

Narrow or wide brim: How to find the right shape

With the right model, a cowboy hat flatters your face shape and focuses on your smile. You can find out which hat shape suits you in the overview.

  • A round face you stretch with a high, angular crown and a narrow brim. Wear the hat at a slight angle, this makes the proportions appear narrower.
  • An elongated face is visually shortened with a cowboy hat with a wide brim. A fedora-style hat made from wool felt is a great choice for this face shape.
  • An angular face is softened with a round hat with a rounded brim. A classic hat made of raffia in a trendy western style will look great on you.
  • Heart-shaped and oval face shapes you are spoiled for choice: all styles and shapes suit you.
  • The size is also decisive: you calculate your hat size by using your Head circumference at the widest point measures. The number of centimeters then corresponds to the size.

Six care tips: this is how cowboy hats keep their shape and look

A classic cowboy hat never goes out of style and can always be combined with your outfits as a break in style. So that you can enjoy this special accessory for a long time, the following tips will help you to care for and store your new favorite piece.

  1. With a round base, the hats keep their shape. They are in good hands on a plastic bowl until their next use.
  2. Store your cowboy hat individually. A hat box is a good investment, especially for high-quality models.
  3. You can also store hats made of straw in a plastic bag. This protects them from drying out.
  4. Dust and coarse dirt simply remove with a brush.
  5. Take a look at the care label: some models can even be machine washed.
  6. With something Water and a mild detergent if you treat stains carefully - just dab them lightly.

Conclusion: cowboy hats upgrade your leisure outfit

To give your casual look that certain something with an accessory, a cowboy hat is a good choice. For many occasions a hat made of felt or raffia is suitable to round off your outfit. In the following overview you will find the important information about cowboy hats summarized again:

  • Classic cowboy hats from raffia or straw you can style your summer outfits in the warm season. The hats are comfortable to wear and protect you from the sun.
  • Fedora-style models made of wool felt keep you warm in autumn and winter and draw attention to your outfit.
  • Colorful cowboy hats with decorations are also a popular accessory in Mardi Gras or Carnival to complement your costume.
  • Functional models with mesh inserts and ventilation holes protect you from the heat in summer and are used for sporting activities such as hiking.