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YouTube Top 10: The world's most successful channels with the most subscribers

Which YouTube channels actually have the most subscribers worldwide? Which are the most popular and what kind of content do they provide? These are the top 10 most successful YouTubers, based on data from VeeScore.

Place 10: Whinderssonnues

The 23-year-old Brazilian Whindersson Nunes Batista started his YouTube career in January 2013. On his channel whinderssonnues he maintains his 26,696,248 million subscribers with an average of five videos per month. The Brazilian usually sits bare-chested so that his tattoos can be seen and with a cap in front of a webcam. Its content ranges from many vlogs to parodies and film reviews. Sounds good, but there is a catch: Whinderssons speaks Portuguese in all of his videos. For the young Brazilian, this is not an obstacle, because with 240 million native speakers and around 30 million second language speakers, he is currently at the top of YouTube.

9th place: YouTube Spotlight

The trends in the spotlight. With 27,206,196 subscribers, the channel operated by YouTube is in ninth place in the current ranking. With this channel you can keep an eye on the daily trends. No categories are left out. The channel wants to keep its subscribers up to date every day, from music to culture and internet phenomena. The followers should learn the latest news in a targeted manner. For this purpose, the content of the channel is specially illuminated and placed in the spotlight. Wow!

8th place: elrubiusOMG

Although 27-year-old Rubén Doblas Gundersen only speaks Spanish on his channel, he ranks eighth among the most popular channels in the world. 27,347,685 million subscribers secure this placement. Gundersen lives in Spain, is half-Spanish and half-Norwegian and started his YouTube activity almost a year after founding YouTube in 2005. Good news for his subscribers, because Gundersen delivers the most content among the current top 10 in third place. His followers can look forward to more than ten videos per month.

In 2011 he created the now so popular elrubiusOMG channel. El Rubius' private channel is classified under the Comedy category. For the most part, the channel is still played with gameplay content, but Gundersen also gives vlogs every now and then. In addition to a few challenges, he answers the questions of his fan base and impresses with his jokes. Which of course only understand people who are able to speak Spanish. As a viewer you can hardly save yourself from effects and have to be prepared for many cuts. In short: the varied content is loud, colorful and flashy. And oh yes: in Spanish.

7th place: Ed Sheeran

"I'm in love with the shape if you". Ed Sheeran is well known to everyone. The musician fills every concert hall with world hits like “I see fire” or “Thinking out loud”. The British singer-songwriter joined YouTube in August 2006 and has 27,376,891 million subscribers. Music videos, lyrics versions and acoustic recordings can be found on the redhead's channel. Occasionally you can discover individual pieces such as “behind the scenes” videos or clips that show fans dancing or singing to a song by Ed Sheerans.

6th place: TaylorSwiftVevo

The successful American artist has 27,430,102 million followers on her music channel. The channel is operated by Vevo, a music video and entertainment service. In 2009, later than Ed Sheeran or El Rubio, for example, Taylor Swift went online on Youtube. Apart from a few interviews with music videos, live performances and video outakes, it mainly delivers musical content.

5th place: HolaSoyGerman

The previous channels each have over 27 million followers, but do not break the 28 million mark. HolaSoyGerman makes a giant leap and joins the ranking with an enormous 33,187,385 million subscribers. Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis, 27, lives in Chile and his channel, which he founded in 2011, is classified in the entertainment category. In his videos he gives tips for everyday problems in a comedic way. The most viewed videos are titled with "Como habenrar trabajo" (How to find work) "Hacer Amigos" (Make friends) and "La primera vez" (The first time). Arani's videos last around six minutes on average. He speaks fast, loudly and one cut chases the next. In addition to elrubiusOMG, the channel is the second Spanish-speaking channel among the top ten.

4th place: JustinBieberVevo

Like Taylor Swift's channel, the channel is managed by Justin Bieber from Vevo. The former teen star from the States is still successful with his pop music in his twenties. This popularity is not only reflected in its almost 97 million Instagram followers, but also in its 33,286,664 million YouTube subscribers. The almost 17 billion views also speak for themselves. Since September 2009 fans can enjoy the 23-year-old's content on the channel. The channel description says:Justin Bieber on Vevo - Official Music Videos, Live Performances, Interviews and more ...

3rd place: T-Series

The Indian channel T-Series has 34,110,488 million subscribers. The music company T-Series joined in March 2006. The label was founded in 1980 to produce Bollywood songs. T-Series is now India's largest music label and film studio. In keeping with this order of magnitude, the description of its contents begins with an epic sentence: "Music can change the world". In addition, the channel should also serve to express the indescribable with music. With specially produced songs for Bollywood films, the flair is clearly conveyed in the videos. In addition to other songs, which mostly depict love stories or a party event with their videos, T-Series is also dedicated to film productions and distributes the associated trailers via the channel.

In fact, the music company trumps with the most views on YouTube. The videos have already received over 30 billion clicks. Thus, T-Series is by far the number one click on the platform. The US sports channel WWE is only in 22nd place in terms of subscribers, but in second place in terms of views. The clicks here amount to almost 20 billion compared to T-Series. The Indian music videos will probably not have to relinquish the throne at this distance of 10 billion views. With a total of almost 12,000 uploads, the Indian company stands out from the other top ten. With the exception of second place, which was immediately chosen, the previous places are all below 760 uploads.

2nd place: PewDiePie

Currently, the eccentric Swede has moved away from gaming and is devoting himself to entertainment videos that cannot be classified into any particular format. Titled with lots of emoticons in the titles and still images that are reminiscent of cluttered advertisements, it seems PewDiePie still captivating millions of people to the screen. In the recent past, Kjellberg has drawn attention to himself with various scandals, including his allegedly anti-Semitic stance. He distanced himself from the allegations. Nevertheless, as a consequence, many collaborations were terminated. The controversy remains.

1st place: Music

Tada, here is the current number 1: Music! Almost 100 million subscribers follow current music events on the channel Music. The channel is operated by YouTube itself and generated by the platform's video recognition system. From this recognition system, this music channel is then created with videos of current top songs and well-known hits from all musical genres. Since September 2013 the channel has been helping music lovers to keep an eye on the latest.

Music, entertainment and gaming are the content in demand

It is exciting that the top 10 not only include English-language channels, but also Spanish, Portuguese and Indian channels. In addition to three official music channels from world stars and a company channel from T-Series, two channels operated by YouTube are also among the most successful. Behind the four mostly subscribed channels there are four, each of which is managed by a private individual. The most popular channels deliver the content demanded by subscribers: music, gaming and entertainment.

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