Is nail polish edible

Finger licking allowed! Kid Licks nail polish put to the test

FUTURE DAY You don't find so much concentrated nail polish knowledge in our editorial team every day. Because our 12-year-old guest author Sophia is more skilled at painting nails than many a full-fledged editor, she tested the first edible nail polish from Kid Licks for us.

The edible nail polishes from Kid Licks are said to dry at the same speed as conventional nail polish and promise a rich shine. But do the Kid Licks nail polishes keep their promises?

Kid Licks Nail Polish: The Test

I don't find the smell of the paints particularly appealing. I smell the corn starch very strongly, so that the lacquer smells a bit like bread. Application is not exactly easy either. The consistency of the red varnish is very fluid, so the varnish runs on the nails. The green one, on the other hand, is far too thick. I can't paint my fingers with that! It doesn't look very tasty ... The orange varnish has the best consistency. The sheet of paper I used as a base was pretty dirty after it was applied. But the paint that I spilled on the wooden floor can be cleaned with a rag.

Now it's time to dry. Not as the manufacturer promised, drying takes longer than 5 minutes. I stopped the time and had to be patient for about twice as long.

To wash the paint off again, I needed water, a little washing-up liquid and a little patience. The longer you leave the paint on, the more difficult it will be to remove it. With a little scrubbing, however, it will definitely come off again and without any nail polish remover.

My conclusion: The Kid Licks nail polish is a great product for toddlers, but for teenagers with nail polish fever, the nail polish comes off too quickly and does not achieve a good result.

Great DIY idea: you can also use the nail polish for painting!

Kid licks compared to regular nail polish

About kid licks

Audrey Amara and Josh Kroot from Los Angeles have three children and couldn't find any nail polishes without toxic ingredients that their young children could safely put in their mouths. That gave her the idea of ​​inventing her own nail polish without toxic ingredients: Kid Licks was born.

Kid Licks nail polish costs 14 francs. The nail polishes consist exclusively of fruit, vegetables and water. The red nail polish contains beetroot, the orange nail polish contains carrots and the green one uses barley grass.

Kid Licks is perfect for toddlers, doesn't last long and is easy to wash off without using nail polish remover: just run water over your fingers and the polish will come off again! Kid Licks is currently available in the colors “Barley Grass Green”, “Beet Red” and “Sour Carrot” via

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