Who is better Paul Scholes or Ronaldinho

Crouch ranked 5 legendary players in that order: Ronaldo first, Scholes over Xavi

Former England national team striker Peter Crouch in the five places (from best to worst) proposed to him - Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Paul Scholes and Xavi.

"It's tough, but I can do it," said Crouch.

He put Ronaldo in first place.

"He's been a big influence on a lot of players so it's unfair to call him a fat man. It's like calling David Attenborough fat. You have to treat everyone with respect, be it a footballer or a naturalist.

He's one of the best players, we shouldn't treat him so disrespectfully just because there is still a Ronaldo who also comes from another planet. The Brazilian Ronaldo was so good that he scored 30 goals a season for Real when he was overweight, "said Crouch.

Second place went to zidane, third place to Ronaldinho. "Zidane was better," said Crouch.

The fourth he called Scholes, and the fifth - Xavi.

"Paul Scholes is number four and Xavi is number five. Very difficult to put him in last place, it's absolutely world class player, but you offered me four other top players. I love the players whose game forces dated Place to jump. I want Scholes to be above Xavi as he could change the game more.

Xavi was one of the best in the position, but Scholes could do anything - a headshot, a goal from any position and appearing out of nowhere, and at the same time to lead the game like Xavi. I think Scholes had more ability overall, "said Crouch.

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