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Bachelor information day on May 28th: ​​Sophie Ambrosat - On to freedom

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  • Bachelor information day on May 28th: ​​Sophie Ambrosat - On to freedom

17.05.2021 When choosing her university, the 21-year-old was convinced by the study model: “I first found Leuphana and then chose my course.” She is still satisfied with her decision: Sophie Ambrosat is studying Individuals in her sixth semester. However, your semester abroad during the corona pandemic went differently than planned.

When Sophie Ambrosat unlocked the door to her room in the dormitory, she immediately discovered a mask, clinical thermometer and LAN cable on the desk. These favors were given to all newcomers to the University of Warwick. The student had planned her semester abroad long before the outbreak of the corona pandemic and at first did not believe that it would take place: "But when the number of infections fell last summer, I went." She was even able to visit London. Then the UK was shut down again and Sophie Ambrosat's life was centered on campus. It wasn't an easy semester abroad for the student, but she still doesn't want to miss it: “Leuphana maintains a partnership with the Department of Liberal Arts at the University of Warwick. That is why many of my fellow students from the Individuale studies have completed their semester abroad there over the past few years, ”explains Sophie Ambrosat.

The Rügen native heard about the Leuphana at a study fair: “I was immediately enthusiastic about the study model: everyone starts the Leuphana semester together. With the options for major and minor, I can set my own priorities and the complementary course also expands my perspective, "says the student:" I first found my university and then my subject. " Individuals experience: "I was convinced that I can choose even more freely in this study program." Each student of the Bachelor program "Studium Individuale" chooses a question that he or she would like to answer during his or her studies. The courses are chosen freely from the entire range of courses offered by the university. "How can education enable people to master the challenge of digitization?" Asks Sophie Ambrosat. She took modules in educational sciences, psychology and business administration. “In business administration in particular, I sometimes had to bite quite a bit, but it was worth it. There is no module that I did not enjoy doing, ”says the student. In order to further sharpen her knowledge of economics, she also went to England: "The Business School at the University of Warwick has a very good reputation."

Sophie Ambrosat would later like to work in adult education and support people in their digital transformation: "With my professional activity, I would like to make a difference in society," she says. She is also already involved at Leuphana: The student is a member of the specialist group representation and is involved as a student ambassador: “After graduating from high school, it was very helpful for me to talk to experienced students. At Leuphana you are not just a number, you can actively help shape it. "