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28 cheap travel tips: Great vacation for little money!

(Contains advertising for the Targobank) Do you feel the same? I'm looking forward to going on vacation with my loved ones a long time beforehand. It's just the best time of the year. I'll tell you my “cheap travel tips”: How you can go on vacation with little money! These include cheap holiday destinations, flights and trains, cheap accommodation, credit cards, insurance and rental cars.

Go on cheap vacation: Tips from a frequent traveler

If you've been following my travel blog for a long time, you'll know that I work as a full-time travel blogger.

One of my favorite things about this job: looking for affordable travel destinations, transportation, hotels, or tours. In this post I will pass on my experiences from many trips and from 55 countries.

It is an additional article in the Travel & Money series in cooperation with Targobank. For example, I use the bank's premium credit card. This allows me to withdraw money while traveling without a cash withdrawal fee, and to use various insurances and a bonus system.

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28 tips for cheap vacation trips

Travel cheaply Tips 1: Create a travel account

I have a separate account in which I regularly save money for my trips. So I save continuously for it.

Travel cheaply Tips 2: Set a savings target

I am much more motivated to save in everyday life when I have a goal in mind.

In the spring I wanted to do some island hopping in Greece. To do this, I roughly estimated the travel costs and thus determined my savings target.

Travel cheap Tips 3: Find cheap travel destinations

I do research beforehand: How expensive is the car trip, train, long-distance bus or flight? And how much do accommodation, food, transport and tours cost me?

For European destinations, the flights are sometimes very cheap. Or you can alternatively travel there by train, long-distance bus or car.

On the other hand, some countries are really expensive, such as Finland or Norway. I experienced Portugal or Poland (regularly one of our summer travel destinations) as cheaper.

And then there are places within the countries that attract a particularly large number of visitors: such as Mallorca, Venice or Paris. They are then particularly expensive. On Paros in Greece - I took the photo on the island - everything was around half cheaper than on Mykonos.

When traveling long-distance, the flights are often more expensive. In return, you can take a cheap vacation locally in Thailand, Vietnam or Guatemala.

Travel cheaply Tips 4: Avoid destinations for mass tourism

Maybe it doesn't always have to be the tourist hotspot? Do you visit less popular places that are cheaper?

After visiting Lisbon I booked Porto. I didn't like Santorini and Mykonos as much as Paros and Milos. I've been to Gijon, in northern Spain, many times with Carsten. Besides us there are mostly only locals.

Travel cheaply Tips 5: Bargain Vacations? Use the off-season!

Families with children usually have to travel during the school holidays when flights and hotels are particularly expensive.

We often use the off-season when it is less busy.

City trips in particular are much more pleasant in spring and autumn. And at some beach destinations in Europe - such as Greece (on the photo: Mykonos in April) - you can then swim well.

Travel cheaply Tip 6: Find the right means of transport

Since we have had a dog, I have been driving around Europe in the car with my friend Carsten and Buddy.

Our road trips are relatively cheap (we run on LPG), fast (if we don't get into a traffic jam) and we can use the trunk for our luggage. By the way, do you already know my packing list for summer vacation to print out & tick off?

I often use the train for solo trips. Look for savings prices in good time.

I've already been to London, Amsterdam or Paris by train. The nice thing is that I save the time traveling to the airport, checking in, security checks and waiting at the gate. I can also take the trains directly to the city center and don't have to take an airport shuttle. This is how I save time and money.

I've also used the long-distance bus a few times and I've always been satisfied: it's cheaper and more reliable than the train, clean and usually without changing trains. I have already been to Antwerp and Colmar in Alsace, France, with Flixbus.

Depending on the destination, I also take flights alone. Do you already know the Omio app? With it you can easily compare train, long-distance bus and flight (according to price and travel duration) and book the tickets with it.

Travel cheaply Tips 7: Book air travel early

I usually book flights to long-haul destinations three to six months in advance of the trip. I start comparing flights early on. But even for trips to Europe, I usually book a little in advance.

I look up on all flights:

  • price
  • Departure airport
  • how long the flight lasts and whether there are stopovers (I prefer non-stop flights)
  • when he flies (at 4.45 a.m. to Mykonos was not so nice, but unbeatable cheap)

Travel cheap Tips 8: Cheap flight providers & bargains

I like low-cost airlines like Eurowings or Air Asia. You have to book everything individually. But most of the things I can do without, such as B. Food on board.

I often use google.com/flights and skyscanner.de to compare flight prices.

I have subscribed to the newsletters of various airlines and providers such as Urlaubspiraten or Urlaubguru, and I also follow them on Facebook. So I always find out about current offers.

Travel cheaply Tips 9: Choose the right airport

I live in the Rhineland. Flights from Düsseldorf are usually more expensive than from Cologne. So I fly from there a lot.

Think about whether you can use another airport. About Amsterdam.

Travel cheaply Tips 10: Pay attention to the day, time and flight duration

Flights during the week are often cheaper. Or when they leave at less popular times. Flights with stopovers and longer flights usually also cost less.

Our very early Mykonos flight from Cologne cost 80 euros there and back with Eurowings (only with hand luggage).

Travel cheaply Tips 11: Only travel with hand luggage

I know this tip is difficult for many to implement. But I like to travel light, only with my favorite clothes and the most important technology such as a camera. This also saves me the cost of checking in baggage.

Find out beforehand what dimensions and weight are permitted for your hand luggage. In this way you avoid back payments. A number of airlines now measure and weigh hand luggage before the flight.

Travel cheaply Tips 12: Bring provisions

I usually have a few granola bars or cookies in my pocket. Because eating at the airport is really expensive. And if you've booked a low-cost airline, you'll pay extra for it.

Travel cheaply Tips 13: Withdraw money with no fees

The first thing I do at the arrival airport when I travel outside of the countries with euros: withdraw money from the machine with the Targobank Premium credit card.

With the free cash function of the premium card, I can withdraw cash free of charge at all ATMs with the Visa logo anywhere abroad. The Targobank does not charge a cash withdrawal fee here. In countries without the euro, only the conversion fee will be charged.

Travel cheaply Tips 14: Use credit card insurance

The following insurances are included with my credit card:

  • Regardless of the use of the card: family foreign travel health insurance, flight delay / flight cancellation insurance, luggage delay insurance, transport accident insurance and assistance service
  • Depending on the use of the card: international travel cancellation / travel interruption insurance for the family, rental car insurance, ATM protection insurance, purchase protection insurance and optional credit life insurance

Travel cheaply Tips 15: Research airport transfers in advance

Find out beforehand how to get from the airport to your accommodation. A taxi is usually the most expensive option, fast trains come afterwards and buses are often the cheapest. Perhaps your hotel also offers a free pick-up?

Travel cheaply Tip 16: Stay in hostels

Are you young and do you want to meet new people? During my world tour I always stayed in the shared rooms. Not only did I make new friends, but I was also able to use the hostel kitchens.

We had booked cheap flights for our New York trip. Unfortunately the city is really expensive. That's why I've put together a mix of a hotel in Times Square (expensive), Airbnb in Brooklyn (medium price) and a single room in the Brooklyn hostel (cheap).

Travel cheaply Tips 17: Find good, cheap hotels

I always search through Booking.com. I look for the description, photos, reviews, location and price.

In Paros, Greece, our hotel room cost less than 30 euros per night. The hotel deserved the rating 9.1 (“excellent”): the location was good, the room was completely sufficient and the super-loving managers not only gave us lots of great tips, but also went to a tavern with us guests for one evening.

Travel cheaply Tips 18: Do not have a hotel breakfast

I often don't book breakfast at the hotel because it's usually disproportionately expensive. And I don't need a huge breakfast buffet every day when I'm on vacation. Often a coffee with a roll or sandwich is enough for me. That saves the travel budget. I can also discover such beautiful cafes. As a vegetarian, the HappyCow app helps me with this.

Travel cheaply Tips 19: Use the City Card

Do you want to see many sights? Then calculate whether a City Card is worthwhile for you.

I was very happy with the Stockholm Pass. If I had paid the entrance fees individually, it would have been significantly more expensive.

For New York, however, we decided against it. Because after two visits I knew most of the classic sights and found the passes very expensive.

Travel cheaply Tips 20: Explore the destination on your own

I mainly go on tours if they are particularly exciting or included in the City Pass. So I was in Rome with group tours in the Colosseum and the Vatican.

Sometimes we explore the travel destinations ourselves - on foot or by bike. This saves us the cost of the tours.

Travel cheaply Tips 21: Free Walking Tours

In many cities these free tours are now offered, where only a tip for the guide is expected. Great for getting an overview of the city! In Sydney, for example, I really enjoyed the tour.

Travel cheaply Tips 22: Free admission to museums

On city trips, I check whether some museums are free of charge. Or whether I can get in for free on certain days. Some museums also have great terraces with a view or inexpensive cafés.

Travel cheaply Tips 23: Local means of transport

I rarely use tourist offers such as hop on / hop off buses - unless they are included in a City Pass. The locals' means of transport are cheaper. And sometimes really beautiful like the boats in Stockholm or Bangkok.

Travel cheaply Tips 24: Save on rental cars

Sometimes, however, a rental car is more practical, for example if you are moving outside of major cities. Like here on the picture on our Ireland road trip.

I research the rental car online before I travel, e. B. via ADAC or billiger-mietwagen.de. I book early from Germany. I make sure that fully comprehensive insurance is included and that I can refill the tank myself when I return it.

I pay for the rental car with the Targobank Premium credit card. This gives you a discount of up to 15 percent at Sixt.

Very practical: the rental car insurance is already included. This insures you against damage caused by accident, fire, vandalism or theft.

Here you can find my other rental car tips.

Travel cheaply Tip 25: Eat away from tourist centers

The more popular a place is with visitors, the more expensive it usually becomes. This applies, for example, to the Rambla in Barcelona or Ocean Drive in Miami. Better look for a restaurant or café further away! It gets cheaper and usually better.

And be careful with restaurants that don't have prices on the menu. I last saw that in Rome at the Vatican. If you order here without asking, you have to pay the expensive bill afterwards.

Travel cheaply Tips 26: Food courts or street food

I love food courts: order something at one of the stands and eat at the table. I also really like street food, whether from small street stalls or food trucks.

Travel cheap Tips 27: Cheap food deals

In Greece, starters were our meal when we wanted to save. In very expensive Australia, sushi was cheap. And in Stockholm there are lunch tables at good prices.

Travel cheaply Tips 28: Nice and inexpensive souvenirs

I usually don't buy souvenirs in the souvenir shops. But see what is typical of the country that I can bring with me without any problems.

If it does get more expensive: When paying with the Targobank Premium credit card, purchase protection insurance is included. This means that the purchased goods are insured against robbery or theft.

With the card's bonus program, I collect bonus points with every purchase. With them I can have flight, hotel or other travel expenses reimbursed.

Go on cheap vacation - what are your tips?

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