Why did you stop wearing sleeveless tops

Too old for…. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

Again and again I receive letters in which I am unsettled as to whether we can still wear this or that at ‘our age’ ...

I always have to smile and shake my head, because our age ’sounds out of date for me, and for me it is almost a little etiquette submissive’.

The times have changed

Not only are we many decades older than our previous generations, we usually also stay in much better shape.

We women in particular have become more courageous, from crickets at the stove to a self-confident role in life, whether in society, at work or in a partnership.

My role model Iris Apfel

But we are also breaking new ground in styling, even into old age, as the wonderful Iris Apfel shows us so convincingly.

For me she is a great role model, I'm sure I won't adopt her daring style, except perhaps with the courage to wear statement glasses, but I really like her authenticity and charming mainstream opposition.

Live my personal style

Stylistically, I'm a long way from Iris Apfel, but downright affectionate bourgeoisie.

But still I seem to provoke every now and then and come up against traditional age limits and styling taboos.

I try to stay true to myself in terms of style.

But I am also accompanied by a benevolent self-criticism that includes age, body and mind, but also the respective life situation.

Where do I go on black ice in terms of style at the age of 56?

... these styles immediately come to mind, where I caught one or two critical remarks:


* Overknees ... aging ‘Puss in Boots’ or good style?

For me it is definitely the latter.
I love beautiful overknees, sensitively styled and with slim legs they are not a problem even at my age.

But especially here there are my very personal no-goes for me, such as a shaft that is too high, patent leather, stiletto heels or bright and bright boot colors.


* Mini ... too sexy or even business like?

For me, a subtle and elegant mini is not too sexy and can sometimes even be business-like, it all depends on the styling!

My mini always ends in the lower half of the thigh, I avoid very figure-hugging looks and skin-tight mini pencil skirts, if possible even made of elastic material, do not come into my closet, for example.

In the same way, I watch my legs carefully and decide again and again whether and how long I want to wear Mini in the future.


* Bobble hats ... just cute !!

This lovingly girlish is magical at any age and can be absolute.

I also like them combined with elegant looks.


* Leather looks ... aging motorcycle bride or just contemporary modern?

When combined correctly, leather is always a wonderfully modern and practical material in fashion.

I especially love classic black smooth leather and earthy suede pants.
For black leather pants, I choose sporty and wide tops and avoid the more sexy combinations.

I only avoid complete leather outfits, patent leather for pants or skirts, nappa leather with applications or fringes and too much black leather on the face.

And in


* Destroyed jeans ... as if borrowed from your daughter or as a funny eyecatcher?

My absolute favorite jeans are destroyed and I guard them like the apple of my eye.

I really like this break with these cool jeans, especially classy or classically combined.

On the other hand, I avoid complete jeans looks.

To do this, I make sure that the torn parts are (as few as possible) from the knee down and not on the thighs or buttocks.


* Bikini ... a taboo from 50?

Why, when I feel good in it and my body allows it ... and I would also like to have a tanned stomach, don't you?

My bikinis shouldn't be too short, gaudy or sexy, whether in the cut or in the material.
I also prefer the one-piece for longer runs, sports on the beach or swimming.


* Shorts ... a no-go or tolerance required?

I love shorts in the absolute midsummer, even now at 56, especially at the seaside and in the mountains, but also from time to time in the city elegantly combined.

Here, too, I avoid provocative materials and tight cuts and, as with the Mini, I will always look benevolently and critically in the years to come.


* Black ... does it make you old?

No, when I wear it confidently.
It is important to have beautiful make-up, the right hairstyle and the right accessories.

The combination with white is often very advantageous here.

* Too bright colors? ... Happy or exaggerated?

Can happy ever be exaggerated? Right now, at my age, I enjoy color and fun living in fashion, especially in summer.

I only pay particular attention to bright colors, which also suit my type, so that my complexion does not suffer from them.

I always avoid gaudy lipstick or too much make-up to avoid the canary effect.

I also use neon colors very sparingly, but they are funny now and then in ski outfits.


Too old for certain fashionable outfits?

Maybe we'll just design the Fashion Knigge 45 + ourselves ...

self-confident, authentic and with a loving touch of self-criticism, are you participating?


Your Bibi

p.s. I'm not 50, I'm 42 plus VAT!