Kissed a crime in India

HERE a kiss can get you to jail!

From TRAVELBOOK | May 15, 2014, 5:38 pm

A passionate kiss in the middle of the street, a kiss goodbye on the train, smooching at sunset, the wedding kiss after saying yes: What goes without saying in this country could even bring you to jail elsewhere. Because in some countries kissing in public is not allowed - or only under very specific conditions.

Most Germans (52.7 percent) prefer to travel with their partner, as an evaluation of the travel portal Holidaycheck has shown. But with all the beautiful holiday romance: In some countries it is better to avoid coming out as a couple.

Especially in Islamic countries, lovers, regardless of whether they are homosexual or heterosexual, should refrain from exchanging affection in public. Vacationers in Arab countries should also refrain from trying to flirt with locals - in the worst case, they could face imprisonment.

Kissing prohibited!

In some countries, kissing in public or kissing too long is even prohibited by law. There is an official ban on kissing in public in Indonesia, India, Dubai, Malaysia and Russia.

In other countries, making out in public is not a criminal offense, but it is not welcomed and should only be kept behind your own four walls, such as in Japan or China. Kissing is already considered part of foreplay during sex, which is why it is simply not appropriate to do it in front of others.

Even in Europe, kissing is not allowed everywhere. In France, for example, it is not allowed to snog at level crossings - for the safety of everyone involved. In the north-west of England, the area in front of Warrington Bank Quay station has been declared a kiss-free zone. This is to avoid long farewell scenes and thus a constantly blocked parking bay. A warning sign with a kissing couple crossed out does not discreetly indicate the prohibition. However, kissing is allowed in the train station itself.

Even the Italians are not tolerant of people kissing everywhere: In the small town of Eboli (Campania), for example, the law says: "It is forbidden to exchange kisses and caresses in the car." Calculate euros. In the mountain village of Monreale in Sicily, you are not allowed to snog in public parks.

Quirky laws in the US

In the eyes of many Europeans, Americans are prudish anyway. Indeed, there are a number of laws that appear exaggerated at first glance. Ultimately, however, some of the strict laws in the USA can also be traced back to the authorities' fear of large claims for damages.

On the other hand, some kiss laws in the states are simply bizarre:

  • In Eureka (Nevada), men should always shave as a precaution: Mustache wearers are prohibited from kissing a woman. The law still exists today, as an employee of the Nevada Tourist Office confirmed on TRAVELBOOK request.
  • In Michigan, the law does not allow a man to kiss his wife on Sundays.
  • Kissing in front of a church is officially prohibited in Boston, Massachusetts. So there is no wedding kiss for the photo.
  • In Wisconsin, kissing is prohibited on all trains.
  • In Florida, men are generally not allowed to kiss their wives' breasts.
  • Iowa allows kisses in public, but they cannot last longer than five minutes.
  • In Halethrope, Maryland, a kiss can't even last longer than a second.
  • In Riverside, California, two people are only allowed to kiss if they have dabbed their lips with rose water beforehand.

It is questionable whether all of these US laws that keep circulating on the Internet (still) exist. And even if they exist: You don't need to be too afraid of actually being punished for these “offenses”.

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